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On pretend car ownership by Jerry Whorebach 12/09/2013, 2:50pm PST
I watched a review for a competing racing game recently in which the review's author complained the game didn't give him a "sense of ownership" over any of the cars, because by the end he had access to all of them any time he wanted. This was in comparison to games like Forza, which make you purchase vehicles before you can drive them. Maybe I'm unusual, but what prompts feelings of ownership in me is when I can drive a car really fucking well. When I've mastered all its little quirks and can make it do things it very obviously doesn't want to, things it wouldn't do for just anybody. The reviewer, on the other hand, seems to feel like he owns a car because he's not allowed to drive any others, because he hasn't paid for them yet using virtual money (or even better, real money, because who has time to grind for virtual money in this economy?). I've summarized our respective philosophies thusly:

Drive car X -> earn enough credits to unlock car Y -> feel a "sense of ownership" over car Y
Drive car X -> unlock the ability to drive car X really fucking well (SPOILER: it was inside you the whole time) -> feel a "sense of ownership" over car X

I'm genuinely curious, Caltrops: which better reflects your own experience with the genre? I just want to know how far out in left field I am with this one, before I waste any more time bitching about it.
On pretend car ownership by Jerry Whorebach 12/09/2013, 2:50pm PST
    I have never spent time in a DLC genre. by Gutsby 12/09/2013, 4:16pm PST
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