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Tower of Guns by Mischief Maker 03/05/2014, 12:02pm PST
Maybe it's because I bought this game right after beating Serious Sam First Encounter without cheats or quicksaves for the very first time, but I found Tower of Guns disappointing.

The premise is you're ascending a hipster-ugly cel-shaded tower in the Unreal Engine with the levels presented in random order with random enemy placement each time. As you go along, you pick up perks like additional reps of double jumping or rechargeable special items, gradually powering up. Your gun gains levels from blue pickups, but getting hit de-levels the gun ala. Cave Story.

It's really disappointing because 90% of the enemies are cannons, 5% are buzzsaws, 3% are bombs, and 2% are cannons that shoot buzzsaws or bombs. So the vast majority of the game you're shooting at big black cel-shaded circles representing the turrets' barrels. Add to that the fact that every gun shoots incredibly cheap-looking glowy effects with no sense of impact, and the gunplay in this game is less satisfying than Dungeon Defenders.

From a gameplay perspective the major disadvantage is the lack of damage indicators and other effects. I've been killed several times because I had no idea a floating buzzsaw was chewing through my health bar from behind until I finally get the violent thrown to the ground death animation.

It IS a challenging game, no doubt, but why would you want to bother when there are so many better challenging games worth the effort to learn?

But every single review I read positively SQUEED over the fact that the game has a different plot each time, giving the reviewer a chance to wax philosophical for 4 or 5 paragraphs over whether narrative is all that important to gaming.

It's not awful, it's just bleh. Serious Sam is freaking STILL secure on its throne as the greatest FPS ever created.
Tower of Guns by Mischief Maker 03/05/2014, 12:02pm PST
    I like it... by Lurker 340924 03/05/2014, 9:26pm PST
        Re: I like it... by Mischief Maker 03/06/2014, 7:02am PST
            I'm protected by my ignorance since I didn't play Tiny and Big. by Lurker 340924 03/06/2014, 8:58am PST
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