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Killer is Dead by fabio 01/15/2015, 9:57pm PST
Did you want to like No More Heroes, but the self-aware grinding and stiff combat turned you off? Then you'll probably enjoy Killer is Dead. The combat is a lot smoother than NMH and while it's no Devil May Cry, it's fun enough that I'll play through to the end. It might technically be shallower, but I'm having a lot more fun with it than I did stuff like Onimusha or Ninja Gaiden. The story isn't as good as Killer 7 but it's decent enough and the better gameplay makes up for it. You're basically taking Killer 7 and sacrificing story for gameplay.

Anyway this game got trashed by reviews. Since it's objectively better than No More Heroes, which got higher scores from every site, I can only conclude that it's either God Hand syndrome or that the games journalism SJW machine had yet to kick in in 2007 but was in full swing by the time KiD came out. You get new weapons by staring at tits when their owner isn't looking and I can just imagine what the Nathan Graysons thought of that.
Killer is Dead by fabio 01/15/2015, 9:57pm PST
    Blame Roger Ebert. by Mischief Maker 01/16/2015, 9:53am PST
        The "See! See! See! It is TOO art!" thing is just so fucking pathetic. by Worm 01/16/2015, 11:13am PST
    This game looks fucking great. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/16/2015, 10:55am PST
        ICJ, have you considered blowing a games journo? For me? NT by Necrotic Drift 01/16/2015, 7:21pm PST
        Re: This game looks fucking great. by Bruised Pear Commission 01/16/2015, 7:30pm PST
    Magnifico! *thumbs up* that guy is one smooth motherfucker NT by Eurotrash 01/16/2015, 1:06pm PST
    Who could dislike this game? It is the weirdest game ever. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/18/2015, 7:56pm PST
        You should try Killer 7 by fabio 01/18/2015, 8:45pm PST
    Unlimited money exploit by fabio 01/21/2015, 7:59pm PST
    So I guess this is a spiritual followp by fabio 09/18/2015, 9:59am PDT
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