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Fear Equation by pinback 02/09/2016, 12:01pm PST
It's a submarine simulator! Except instead of a sub, it's a train! And instead of the water, it's in the air! And instead of Japanese destroyers, it's a malevolent fog, trying to turn your passengers' nightmares against them!


I love games like this, that are able to take place in a very small, stark, confined environment, and by clever use of the tools within the environment, imply a much larger world outside, that you never see, but can definitely feel.

It is a horror/survival/resource management game, not completely unlike Tharsis, but with added complexity and no dice. ("No dice!")

The creaky, modified freight train, the crackle and buzz of the radio, the old monochrome monitor your only window to the world outside, the feel is just magnificent.

I'm not far enough to tell if the game's any good yet. Surely there is a lot of information you apparently need to consider, and on first blush it doesn't seem terribly well-organized. But being virtually turn-based, there is no feeling of urgency. You can hang out in the spooky ol' train as long as you want while you figure things out.

On small sale for the Lunar Steam Thing, if it sounds like your kinda deal.
Fear Equation by pinback 02/09/2016, 12:01pm PST
    uh, duct tape a flashlight to your submarine by laudablepuss 02/09/2016, 12:45pm PST
        I apologize. :( NT by pinback 02/09/2016, 1:21pm PST
            Fuck it, I'm on board. by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/09/2016, 1:39pm PST
            NEVER POST AGAIN!!!!!!!! by laudablepuss 02/09/2016, 2:35pm PST
    Now that I'm starting to figure it out, I love this game. by pinback 02/10/2016, 4:55pm PST
        Me too, it seems good by Eurotrash 02/11/2016, 4:21am PST
            I don't know how long before having the power off causes bad things. by pinback 02/11/2016, 6:45am PST
                You totally said you'd answer questions. JESUS CHRIST are you turning into Paul? by Eurotrash 02/11/2016, 9:51am PST
                    Well, the answer appears to be... by pinback 02/11/2016, 10:18am PST
                        So far I've had a couple of purges, the first time everybody supported it by Eurotrash 02/13/2016, 12:57pm PST
                            BAH update destroyed my savegame! NT by Eurotrash 02/20/2016, 4:09am PST
    So this is basically Snowpiercer: the Vidya Game? NT by That's pretty awesome. 02/12/2016, 10:15pm PST
        Yes, except instead of snow it's FEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NT by pinback 02/13/2016, 6:07am PST
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