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Bob's Game source code released! by Daniel Berkhart 08/25/2016, 6:32pm PDT

Bob wrote:

I used a code converter tool from Java to C++ which worked surprisingly well and then I fixed a lot of stuff manually until it compiled. It currently compiles but does not run.

It needs memory management, as Java did not have this. So every memory allocation needs to be tracked and have delete added. Or maybe I could use auto_ptr or something. It should run for a while without this and just constantly leak memory, so this is a lower priority than just getting stuff working.


I want to fix it, but it'd probably be way too much work to sort out his insane mess. :(

Also, just for fun here's the current text of his homepage: wrote:

Jesus is God.

I am the next Messiah, the true successor to Jesus Christ, the greatest and most historically significant human that will ever live, and the most powerful wizard of all time.

I don't need the game anymore. Games don't matter. It's wrong to make money by creating distractions for others. Money doesn't matter at all.
It's the process of developing yourself that's important. Magic is real. Having a pure soul is the only thing that really does matter.

I will release some things for free and the source code under GPL.

"bob's game" cannot be stopped.

He changes the text around every week or three, so it probably won't say that for much longer. But most of the other things it has said for the past several months have been pretty similar as far as I know.

Good old Bob. :(
Bob's Game source code released! by Daniel Berkhart 08/25/2016, 6:32pm PDT
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