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NierAutomata is great by Worm 03/28/2017, 5:18pm PDT
Even if ultimately it's just Bayonetta combat in an RPG with a variety of fetch and kill quests sprinkled in the writing and voice work really brings it alive. The game kind of does whatever it wants, you'll have shooting segments one second and then normal fighting ones the next. It's just a really endearing game throughout and has a good sense of humor. I'm kind of at a loss how to explain it any better since I was just hooked the whole time I was playing it.

I'd say normal mode is a well balanced difficulty until you start customizing your plug-in chips and upgrading weapons at which point you can produce a pretty OP build. Though hard seriously increases the damage enemies do so you're going to probably favor health and defense on that difficulty, which kind of makes me wish they just had a difficulty with hard enemy behavior and normal damage values. I just found it best to play on normal since you're going to just get two shot on hard.

Though beyond that minor bitch about the difficulty (which can be changed at any point) I don't really have any problems with the game. It's just very earnest the whole way through.
NierAutomata is great by Worm 03/28/2017, 5:18pm PDT
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