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There's some phenomenon going on in a subreddit by Vested Id 04/14/2019, 9:56pm PDT
that has I don't know what value or significance. It seems like misanthropic larping like at but what do I know.

That's not why "incel" is in the cultural quiver right now. A guy ran over a bunch of people with a van, and then people found a Facebook post which just happens to sound exactly like what 4chan would post if they'd hacked his account, and it was apparently timestamped at an unlikely time relative to the attack.

You can believe it's real but I don't. Elliot Rodger was real but he was sui generis.

But nobody is demanding better evidence that the van killer was an incel because they like the term too much. It's an upgrade from "virgin" because we all start as virgins, and they deserve to clean up their act and get laid, and someone will eventually oblige. An incel is an evil man who thinks he deserves something from a woman, and should be exiled and if possible destroyed. It's a total condemnation that has a lot of valence for professional women who suffer from impostor syndrome and wish they had the confidence of a mediocre white man and so on.

I swear I'm not MRA (or alt-right) but between the Gillette ad and Covington and the new APA guidelines it seems obvious that there's been a real contemptuous shift against young men very recently, and the use of "incel" is a part of that in my opinion.
Jordan Peterson meme compilation by Roop 04/13/2019, 8:34am PDT
    Nobody said Peterson's a Nazi. He's a grifter beloved by incels, some of whom NT by are Nazis. 04/13/2019, 10:36am PDT
        Well hopefully he can get some of them laid by Roop 04/13/2019, 12:18pm PDT
            Oh. Well maybe he is a Nazi. NT by I stand corrected. 04/13/2019, 12:29pm PDT
                He's a Nazi Self-Help Guru. It's always about the frauleines NT by Roop 04/13/2019, 12:38pm PDT
        The forum that's all edge is now 90% borrowed Chapo slang by Vested Id 04/13/2019, 12:34pm PDT
            I'm pretty sure the multiple incel-identified mass murderers drove the narrative NT by Vile Women vs Supreme Gentlemen 04/13/2019, 12:51pm PDT
                Eliot Rodger and a guy whose Facebook account was hacked NT by Vested Id 04/13/2019, 12:55pm PDT
                The more I learn about incels, the more convinced I am they were just Muslims by born into the wrong culture. 04/13/2019, 1:10pm PDT
            The retards who post on r/incel and fantasize about women as livestock are NT by definitely not worth sobbing over 04/14/2019, 2:55pm PDT
                I'm not talking about them NT by Vested Id 04/14/2019, 3:16pm PDT
                    Who are these people not part of the incel community who call themselves incels? NT by Alternative Definitions 04/14/2019, 5:00pm PDT
                        There's some phenomenon going on in a subreddit by Vested Id 04/14/2019, 9:56pm PDT
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