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Weird breakdown on whether Trump is a moron by Vested Id 06/11/2019, 6:26pm PDT
He believes "knowing" is overrated, and he's right in regards to politics and business, less tech and science.

He doesn't have to be a big dumb dumb ugyz, you can finger him for abusing the heartland in his big China war, the anti-Muslim tweets, any number of other things. Weird misplaced obsession.
"Hide the USS John McCain" great fella you got there Vested NT by Id 05/30/2019, 7:10pm PDT
    The Id stands for dId it actually happen tho NT by Vested Id 05/30/2019, 7:16pm PDT
        In what sense by laudablepuss 05/31/2019, 7:26am PDT
            He didn't and it didn't happen NT by Vested Id 05/31/2019, 8:31am PDT
                Correct, the White House Magician was unable to make it specifically NT by disappear. Vested ID wins again, mo 05/31/2019, 9:46am PDT
                    Lord love a duck NT by Vested Id 05/31/2019, 10:24am PDT
                        Just posting to remind you're a dumb fuck BITCH that gets everything wrong NT by disappear. Vested ID wins again, mo 06/07/2019, 4:15pm PDT
                            ahh ha ha hahaha I'm the best! NT by good work nice job 06/07/2019, 4:30pm PDT
                                This isn't me by Vested Id 06/07/2019, 5:37pm PDT
                                    Hahah gotcha! Next one - where's the Mars located, buster? NT by aiaiaiaiaiaiai 06/07/2019, 5:39pm PDT
                                        One of his best, stable genius NT by Vested Id 06/07/2019, 5:44pm PDT
                                            I like that Vested ID is coming around to the fact that his guy is a retard NT by Retard Watcher 2019-20 06/08/2019, 9:29am PDT
                                                You misread me, he's a geniune Twitter genius NT by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 10:49am PDT
                                                    That's a really stupid take and we know you don't believe that. by Mysterio Lollerson 06/08/2019, 11:52am PDT
                                                        Hahaha by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 12:19pm PDT
                                                            That is a really bad response. by Mysterio Lollerson 06/08/2019, 1:29pm PDT
                                                                Joke's on you, I'm retarded and proud NT by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 2:23pm PDT
                                                                    Step one. I'm asking nicely. by Mysterio Lollerson 06/08/2019, 3:36pm PDT
                                                                        Alright I'm listening by Vested Id 06/08/2019, 3:51pm PDT
                                                                            Hi by laudablepuss 06/09/2019, 8:24pm PDT
                                                                        gruman NT by gruman 06/08/2019, 5:04pm PDT
                                                        You suck by Roop 06/08/2019, 9:40pm PDT
                                                            Give em a break. I posted about games and politics yesterday. Which got replies? NT by MM 06/09/2019, 7:10am PDT
                                                                Yeah Caltrops has a future as a poo-flinging politics fest. NT by We're old. Best to accept it. 06/10/2019, 6:51pm PDT
                                                            His first tactic was to ask nicely. I'm thinking it is a bit. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/09/2019, 8:52am PDT
                                            Proof by Vested Id 06/09/2019, 7:32pm PDT
                                                That's proof all right by fucking moron 06/10/2019, 3:22pm PDT
                                                    I think you might be right! NT by Vested Id 06/10/2019, 3:22pm PDT
                                                    No man, he OBVIOUSLY meant this thing that I have to now go explain NT by choads 06/10/2019, 3:23pm PDT
                                                    “The simplest explanation is that Trump has no idea what the moon is” NT by lolwut 06/10/2019, 8:32pm PDT
                                                        lolwut has faith in the intelligence of Donald Trump. NT by hahah wow! 06/11/2019, 5:59am PDT
                                                    "he also has no idea what the moon or Mars is" by let's be honest here 06/11/2019, 12:55pm PDT
                                                        True, but by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/11/2019, 3:40pm PDT
                                                            Afterward he'll deny you ever had a head to begin with. NT by MM 06/11/2019, 4:51pm PDT
                                                            I mean, Ceres does look an awful lot like the moon. by Blackwater 06/12/2019, 11:21pm PDT
                                                                I also feel that putting Ceres and Phobos on either side of Earth is cruel by Mysterio 06/13/2019, 9:28pm PDT
                                                    Weird breakdown on whether Trump is a moron by Vested Id 06/11/2019, 6:26pm PDT
                                                        Re: Weird breakdown on whether Trump is a moron by fucking moron 06/11/2019, 7:49pm PDT
                                                            I just think it's a le bad looke by Vested Id 06/11/2019, 8:27pm PDT
                                                                Yeah. Cos he's FUCKING STUPID NT by fucking moron 06/14/2019, 10:54am PDT
                                                                    gruman NT by gruman 06/14/2019, 1:54pm PDT
                                                                        Who is gruman? What is this? NT by fucking moron 06/14/2019, 2:06pm PDT
                                                                            gruman NT by gruman 06/14/2019, 7:33pm PDT
                                                        "whether" ?!? Your generosity toward him is extreme NT by and confusing. 06/12/2019, 7:46am PDT
                This is the culture he perpetuates among his staff NT by laudablepuss 05/31/2019, 3:19pm PDT
                Oh but it did. Too bad by so sad 05/31/2019, 3:25pm PDT
                    Gahahah that's gotta suck by Mysterio Lollerson 05/31/2019, 3:33pm PDT
    Chapos on normal days: Fuck cops, military, kill them all lol McCain died suckit NT by Chapos today: MAN THE RAILS SALUTE 06/01/2019, 9:19am PDT
        Centrism is a dead end. Chuds see no difference between liberals and dirtbags. NT by Mischief Maker 06/01/2019, 9:50am PDT
            Chapos: Secretly jack off at the thought of Israel burning, laugh at cops dying NT by MM: Perfectly sensible liberals! 06/01/2019, 9:51am PDT
                See what I mean? NT by Mischief Maker 06/01/2019, 10:31am PDT
                    ...that your e-friends have horrible opinions? I...guess so? NT by Confused bystander 06/01/2019, 12:02pm PDT
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