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Re: Congressman loses keynote at Black Hat for opposition to bio-hacking by Ulrachi 06/15/2019, 4:18pm PDT
Vested Id wrote:

Unloved and on the run, VID nevertheless persisted in claiming this forum for victories in Social Justice:

Whoops, wrong tweet:

Hurd a) is some kind of cybersecurity expert, b) has the same beliefs about abortion as half the population - the female population. NIMBY and let it smack your ass hard, lone star faggot.

They knew who he was when he invited them to be the keynote speaker. Now they insult him.

I just cannot fathom the organizers buckling to Twitter pressure. They have their money, right? Are the blue marks attending? No? Then who gives a fuck?

This is who they got theor social justice victory over, by the way:

He has joined Democrats eight times this month to vote to reopen the government, without wall funding.

Great fucking work morons. You can't elect Democrats down there. One got in that realizes what a fucking dumbshit spaz the President is and he's the one they are making their great social stand against.
Congressman loses keynote at Black Hat for opposition to bio-hacking by Vested Id 06/15/2019, 2:26pm PDT
    Re: Congressman loses keynote at Black Hat for opposition to bio-hacking by Ulrachi 06/15/2019, 4:18pm PDT
    Re: Congressman loses keynote at Black Hat for opposition to bio-hacking by laudablepuss 06/15/2019, 6:04pm PDT
        HO HO HO! Nevermind that a cyberconference has fuck-all to do with abortion - by I got Vested Id's number now! 06/15/2019, 7:16pm PDT
            People have the right to associate with whomever they like by laudablepuss 06/15/2019, 8:13pm PDT
                pEOple HAve tHe rIGHt to aSSocIAte wITh whOMeVeR tHeY LIke NT by The Limp-Dicked Liberal mating call 06/15/2019, 10:32pm PDT
                This is a tech conference, did you catch that part by Vested Id 06/15/2019, 10:35pm PDT
                    This is a CONSERVATIVE concept by laudablepuss 06/16/2019, 12:37am PDT
                        If it's conservative why are you clinging to it :chin: by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 1:58am PDT
                            Political writing might as well be in cursive, because I can't read either. by Injustice 06/16/2019, 4:09am PDT
                        "Taking My Ball and GOING HOME, one Bald Loser's Guide to Political Discourse" NT by by laudablepuss 06/16/2019, 9:03am PDT
                            You're putting it on a little thick. by Kenji Carter 06/16/2019, 10:53am PDT
                                Hes unmarried and pushing 40 and has no hair NT by i dont lose sleep about him 06/16/2019, 11:50am PDT
                                    Yeah, unmarried at 40. Downright embarrassing. /looks wistfully toward window by Married Guys 06/16/2019, 1:02pm PDT
                                        No man, you don't get it, he shaves his head like every guy in every movie now by hahaha holy shit 06/16/2019, 1:04pm PDT
                                        Dying alone to own the family values trads NT by (shits in adult diaper) TAKE THAT 06/16/2019, 1:53pm PDT
                                            I've just never seen another grown man try to give another one a hard time by for being unmarried 06/16/2019, 7:47pm PDT
                                                Taking out a reverse mortgage, shitting in a bed pan, and having nurses turn me NT by to own the cons 06/16/2019, 10:32pm PDT
                                                    Dying alone and unloved NT by to own the cons 06/16/2019, 10:33pm PDT
                                        Getting bitchy in my thread by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 6:15pm PDT
                                        When did this place start catering to MGTOWers? NT by AlBundyfan4178 06/17/2019, 9:35am PDT
                                            From the first time Creexul posted. Now shut up and sit down. NT by Jho Cable custom softwarez 06/17/2019, 10:30am PDT
                                                I always thought they were incels NT by Al Bundy, High Priest of No-Ma'am 06/17/2019, 11:30am PDT
                                                    Maybe they are. I can't keep up with your RACIST TERMINOLOGY by Horus Truthteller 06/17/2019, 11:54am PDT
                                                        Ah shit. Oh well. Hi fellas! NT by Horus Truthteller 06/17/2019, 11:54am PDT
                                    Good grief. NT by Kenji Carter 06/16/2019, 1:10pm PDT
                            Hahaha oh man by laudablepuss 06/17/2019, 1:28pm PDT
                    By the way by laudablepuss 06/16/2019, 12:39am PDT
                        LP is correct. They are way over represented there compared to the rest of the U by Kirahu Nagasawa 06/16/2019, 10:01am PDT
                            Re: LP is correct. They are way over represented by Change the con name to WhippedHat 06/16/2019, 1:35pm PDT
                                In an ideal world, hackers would be anarcho-socialists. by Injustice 06/16/2019, 3:16pm PDT
        It's the literal truth, I'll see if I can dig up better stats NT by Vested Id 06/15/2019, 9:39pm PDT
            Sure, right, let's see if you can do that. by laudablepuss 06/15/2019, 10:11pm PDT
                Yes let's see by Vested Id 06/15/2019, 10:32pm PDT
                    Guys, women are really against abortion, they really are NT by I actually believe this 06/16/2019, 12:04am PDT
                        Multiple studies over many years. NT by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 1:52am PDT
                            You'd honestly have to be a fucking moron to believe it. by I actually believe this 06/16/2019, 8:57am PDT
                                No man, it was ****multiple studies**** NT by Over MULTIPLE YEARS! 06/16/2019, 9:01am PDT
                                (breathing enormous sigh of relief, wiping foreheads) by Jsoh, Jhoh, Wittgenstein, INC, etc. 06/16/2019, 9:05am PDT
                                Keep talking like this and I'll hang out and wait for the killing blow by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 9:26am PDT
                                    My Vox post makes me immune to the killing blow, by the way. by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 9:58am PDT
                                        Honored to be atored NT by Vested Id 06/16/2019, 10:02am PDT
                                            It's true. I have brought honor to the thread. by Guy that ators people up above. 06/16/2019, 10:50am PDT
                                Don’t change the topic, explain why you think most women are pro-abortion by Blackwater 06/17/2019, 1:52pm PDT
                    Re: Yes let's see by laudablepuss 06/17/2019, 1:40pm PDT
                        gruman NT by gruman 06/17/2019, 1:43pm PDT
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