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You're amazing by laudablepuss 06/26/2019, 3:38pm PDT
Hey I'll post 50 links for you, but while I'm collecting them, can you just listen to the Maria Bartiromo phone call today? I mean, sure, let's debate the obvious. That's fun and you definitely aren't a troll.
Stupid fuck thinks a guy dead for 20 years runs Iran by fucking moron 06/25/2019, 11:34am PDT
    AHAHAHAH they think he's a retard, ah ahahahaha NT by funniest shit ive ever seen 06/25/2019, 3:40pm PDT
    What, what; be specific NT by Vested Id 06/25/2019, 4:52pm PDT
    Ayatollah Assahollah by Mysterio 06/25/2019, 10:22pm PDT
        Just can't stop laughing at this by fucking moron 06/26/2019, 9:47am PDT
            I wish I could laugh. :( by laudablepuss 06/26/2019, 12:35pm PDT
                I don't think he's stupid and not sure if it's right to call him incompetent by Vested Id 06/26/2019, 2:03pm PDT
                    You're amazing by laudablepuss 06/26/2019, 3:38pm PDT
                        This is where we're at btw by laudablepuss 06/26/2019, 5:25pm PDT
                            The waspy petulance I put up with NT by Vested Id 06/26/2019, 5:41pm PDT
                                You talking to a mirror again? NT by laudablepuss 06/26/2019, 6:30pm PDT
                                    gruman NT by gruman 06/26/2019, 6:30pm PDT
                                        Haha mere seconds after my post by laudablepuss 06/27/2019, 7:05am PDT
                                            gruman NT by gruman 06/27/2019, 11:08am PDT
                                    BORING! NT by A mirror 06/26/2019, 7:02pm PDT
                                        Dont want to overlook the BORING! comment by Amazing 06/28/2019, 7:05am PDT
                                            Still BORING! NT by A mirror 06/28/2019, 8:16am PDT
                    You "don't think he's stupid." Man, that is masterful. Mwa. NT by Toro 06/26/2019, 9:04pm PDT
                        Is he? NT by Vested Id 06/26/2019, 9:24pm PDT
                            Macron thinks so. But you? Not sure. by Amazing 06/28/2019, 7:03am PDT
                            He doesn't know what busing means. NT by Ulrachi 06/29/2019, 7:40pm PDT
                                Yeah he does NT by Keep away from the free candy 06/29/2019, 8:17pm PDT
                                Whuh he lost his armada! NT by Vested Id 06/29/2019, 8:28pm PDT
        Just can't stop laughing at this by fucking moron 06/26/2019, 9:49am PDT
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