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Re: Yeah not that kind of danger, agent blackwater. by blackwater 07/17/2019, 5:19pm PDT
Teen Beat wrote:

Look at it from the other perspective. Guy with control of at least a billion dollars to lose comes to you, threatening to tell the whole world how you raped an endangered sea turtle in front of his crying sea turtle kids at one of his Sea World parties. How can you possibly take him seriously when every detail of your crime implicates him as well, not to mention every other sucker he's already covered up for?

This doesn't make sense. People certainly do take allegations or testimony seriously even if they also implicate the accuser. In fact, one of the things the Feds love to do is get someone to testify against someone else, and offer that person immunity.

Teen Beat wrote:

All the next guy would have to do is call his bluff, and not only would the both of them go down together, they'd take you down with them. It's no riskier to have someone out there with evidence you fucked a turtle and billions of dollars to lose if he does anything with it than it is to have someone out there with evidence you fucked a turtle and a billion of your dollars in hush money, and it's a whole lot less costly. Not all billionaires are smart enough to figure this out, but their bag men are. This is also why no one with control of a billion dollars is going to commit a crime as stupid as blackmail.

This is just blackmail 101. You find someone with something to lose, who is willing to pay not to lose it. If you think someone is crazy enough to call your bluff, then maybe don't go after them. It may very well be rational to pay the blackmailer and continue enjoying your life as a billionaire, than to call their bluff and spend 20 years rotting in jail.

It's also very different to own a billion dollars than to control a billion dollars through a fund. There's like a 100x difference in the amount of free cash those people have.

Teen Beat wrote:

I haven't followed the case beyond what's been posted here, because the whole thing is pretty gross. But isn't it more likely that Jeff is just a super cool guy, solid bro down the line, perpetually surrounded by wealth and beauty and celebrity? People trust him, men and women both, and they want to get in bed with him. The fact it's taken this long for his indiscretions to boil over, and as far as I know he hasn't tried to save himself by naming any famous co-conspirators, suggests the men were right to trust him. The women, maybe not so much.

I guess I don't get the joke or the N layers of irony. If you're implying that being a typical Jewish dude in finance will get you a life anything like Epstein's, you're very wrong.

Teen Beat wrote:

Spoken like someone who's never been a teenage girl. In fact, it's spoken like a white male who has spent his entire life in the fantasy world called Priveledgetopia. Here is the level of maturity I would like you to strive for when discussing this complex topic.

Ain't clicking on that, boss
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