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Re: Kaus disputes the blackmail charge by Mysterio, "Red String Leader" 07/17/2019, 9:41pm PDT
A no name with no credentials or background becomes an Ivy Prep teacher, then he's a financier in a hedge fund that nobody in the field has heard of, or has worked for..?

1. Money Laundering: You can make a lot of money laundering money — 10% of the amount laundered or more, they say. Until recently, Epstein had a working relationship with Deutsche Bank, which has some experience in this lucrative specialty. The main problem with this (unproven) money laundering scenario, as far as the sensational Epstein scandal goes, is that it’s wildly boring.

The hot goss is laundering and, well, whatever he could do for his friends. By his own admission he wanted to make himself indispensable to the rich and famous. Beneficial to have a friend in the Caribbean who can help be a go between for different parties to move dirty money around. Obviously there's also shared interest among a bunch of predators in a private island to keep indiscretions out of view.

Crazy Days and Nights has an eyesore infographic that shows links between some of the players.
How long until Epstein's mysterious suicide? by blackwater 07/15/2019, 1:21pm PDT
    The blackmail theory by blackwater 07/15/2019, 1:45pm PDT
        Doesn't work. How could I pull the trigger on my blackmail material without by endangering myself and my clients? 07/15/2019, 2:41pm PDT
            Blackmail is always a dangerous game to play. Doesn't stop people from trying by blackwater 07/17/2019, 11:34am PDT
                Yeah not that kind of danger, agent blackwater. by Teen Beat 07/17/2019, 2:21pm PDT
                    Re: Yeah not that kind of danger, agent blackwater. by blackwater 07/17/2019, 5:19pm PDT
                        Jezebel. Huh NT by Mysterio Prime 07/17/2019, 7:39pm PDT
                        I'll sleep easier knowing you probably won't be the next Jeffrey Epstein. by Teen Beat 07/17/2019, 7:40pm PDT
    Kaus disputes the blackmail charge by Vested Id 07/17/2019, 2:49pm PDT
        Re: Kaus disputes the blackmail charge by Mysterio, "Red String Leader" 07/17/2019, 9:41pm PDT
    Whoa by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/27/2019, 5:15pm PDT
        The press is saying he was found unconscious with neck injuries by Blackwater 07/27/2019, 10:59pm PDT
    Well that didn't take long. NT by Mischief Maker 08/10/2019, 10:51am PDT
        Real tough break by SM101: A Realistic Introduction 08/10/2019, 3:26pm PDT
    Less than a month NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/10/2019, 3:07pm PDT
    He “belonged to intelligence” according to Acosta by Blackwater 08/14/2019, 4:21pm PDT
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