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System Shock 2 pissed me off mightily by Entropy Stew 07/22/2019, 10:38am PDT
Prey does not. Just picked it up for like 10 bucks or some shit on a Steam sale.

I started, and said "fuck hardcore mode" because I hated weapon breakage in SS2. The big PITA of SS2 is immediately avoided by picking the default option at the beginning of the game! Excellent.

I never had enough ammo

So far (and I am not very far in) the actual gun-guns kind of suck. I don't even have the shotgun yet, though, so maybe that's better. My main weapon? THROWING PROPANE TANKS. Holy shit, one point in Leverage and I'm chucking explosive barrels like it's Donkey Kong Jihad. The largest thing I fought so far, I just snuck around around collecting all the zeppelin inflation tanks into a pile, lured the big nasty on top of it, hucked an EMP at it, then hucked a recycle grenade on top of the pile. Fuckin one shot. I tried unloading clips of 9mm at that fucker - was like chipping away at Greenland with an icepick. Smaller shit I just wrench and maybe gloo, like mimics.

Mimics. They are the most insidious basic enemy in any game I have played. The tension they cause is amazing. Any time I see two identical things next to one another my arteries constrict. Wrenching one before it pops out? SATISFACTION. I think I love this game.


So tried Prey finally, but luckily bought it with Dishonored 2 by Roop 08/11/2018, 10:10pm PDT
    System Shock 2 pissed me off mightily by Entropy Stew 07/22/2019, 10:38am PDT
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