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Why would anyone in their right mind want to use a website's app? by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 08/17/2019, 8:18pm PDT
I have found, invariably, when some organization having a website is pushing you to use its Android app, the capacity, usability, and user experience of the app is worse than that of even the mobile version of their website (if they have a mobile version.) Never having used an iPhone I can't say how those apps compare but I suspect they are probably similar to Android apps. And the mobile version of their website is always worse than the desktop version. The bank I use for credit cards, had me download their app. Unlike Firefox, I can't store the password, allowing me "one click" logon, no, I have to enter the password manuually, every time - and woe to me if I get it wrong; three incorrect password attempts and the account is locked. Not for, say an hour or so. The account is locked forever, until I call in and ask them to reset the account. There is security, and there is being a kick in the nuts. (Doing a permanent lockout for three mistakes goes way beyond "pain in the ass" territory.)

I log in to the bank's app, it does store the user name, and in the space where it normally tells me the balance on the card? "We are having technical dificulties, please try again later." Same for current transactions and prior statements. So I'm thinking maybe I've lost Internet, this place doesn't use something sensible like a wireless password, no, they use a login page where you have to agree to one of those 1,000 page user agreements where you have to sell your soul and your first-born child. And the agreement has this nasty habit of expiring at inconvenient moments. But I check and I can reach Google, so we're still hot. So I continue with Firefox to go to the bank's website, I click on "Sign on" and the login prompt with request for user name and password. Both filled in by Firefox, all I have to do is click on the logon button. Almost immediately it comes up, showing me balance, recent transactions and selection for prior statements. As I said, the full desktop version is much better than the App.

My credit union's website is also better than its app.

I don't know if Wikipedia has an app, but if their mobile version is any example, it's got to be horrible,. You cannot edit Wikipedia on its mobile version. Attempting to edit by clicking on the edit icon (a pencil) produces about half of the section being edited or maybe a couple of paragraphs of the article and no control buttons to preview or save. It's like the mobile version quits in the middle of rendering the editable page. Only the full desktop version allows you to actually be able to edit Wikipedia.

I also tried using Wells Fargo's Android app but its login system was impossible, I couldn't get a means to recover a lost password, trying to have it call or text me did not work, I never received either. (To check, I used my cell phone to try texting and calling my response number. Both call and text work perfectly.)

YouTube? Mobile version is worse than desktop, android app is even worse.

So as it stands, if someone has a service offered on a desktop website I will not use their mobile site if possible or their app. I don't trust them to do anything except fuck it up, royally.
Why would anyone in their right mind want to use a website's app? by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 08/17/2019, 8:18pm PDT
    Re: Why would anyone in their right mind want to use a website's app? by Mysteriobama 08/17/2019, 8:49pm PDT
        It's ENLARGED for EMPHASIS! NT by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 08/18/2019, 4:30am PDT
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