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DARQ by pinback 08/18/2019, 11:55am PDT
Well, I WAS playing it. Now I'm not, because it's over. If you're the type who think 2 hours for a $20 game is too much, this MIGHT change your mind, but maybe not. The puzzles are relatively straightforward, only a handful of times straying from "go everywhere, find everything, try to use everything on everything". However, "going everywhere" is not quite as straightforward as your average graphic adventure, due to the rule/gravity-breaking nature of the game's mechanics.

But none of that is what gives the game its value. It's purely presentation that puts this over the top. Amazing, AMAZING to look at, during every single moment of those two hours.

If you're in the mood for a little creepy surreality mixed with light puzzles and phenomenal production values, I think it's definitely worth the $20, and I say this as someone who was gifted it.

(I realize there's a whole 'nother level of drama around this game regarding Epic and exclusivity and all that other horseshit, but I'll leave that to you folks, who seem way more interested in that than actual games.)
DARQ by pinback 08/18/2019, 11:55am PDT
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