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Identifying the bootlickers by Yaris 08/19/2019, 6:58am PDT
Chris Cesario
Chris Cesario
Aug 18 · 1 min read

My man virtue signaled his way out of fat cash. Congratulations! I hear hundreds of fedoras being tipped in your honor.

Such a foolish idea to think that Epic is doing anything outside of ethical in having exclusives.

Hey guys. Destiny 2 will be on sale EXCLUSIVELY on Steam starting October 1st. I haven’t heard any protests or crying about it. Weird.

How stupid is Chris Cesario? He just read a post on Medium detailing that Epic is not interested in games that "simship". By the way, inventing the dumbest name possible for what games normally do makes Epic look like giant assholes, but not as stupid as Chris Cesario. Sorry valve.exe touched you in the bad place, Chris.

Aug 18 · 1 min read

Why are people questioning why Epic is trying to secure exclusives like it’s somehow contradictory? They’re doing it to capture market share, to become actual competition. It’s not a matter of securing Darq, who most people here probably didn’t even know about until it became hitched to the EpicBadWagon, and raking in the big bucks. The exclusives are just there to “break through” to customers, and to capture that market share.

Epic is doing things the way it’s doing, and not the way GOG is doing, because GOG is hardly competing with Steam at this point. It’s doing what it’s doing to NOT wind up like GOG (struggling this past year). It’s really not a very sustainable approach, but they’re doing what they can, while they can (Fortnite won’t last forever).

Guess let’s just hope that DARQ can make enough to make it all worthwhile.

I love the passive aggressive tone from NBMTX. "Let's just hope Darq makes money, guys." Seeing how the Epic representative was offering money that Darq would be earning money against -- not a signing bonus, which any non piece of shit company would do, but a fucking advance - boy you'd have to be stupid to take Epic's side.
Sweeney tried to get the Darq guy to fuck Steam by Yaris 08/19/2019, 6:50am PDT NEW
    Identifying the bootlickers by Yaris 08/19/2019, 6:58am PDT NEW
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