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Agreed, looks like a flash game from 2002 by kyrie derbingle 08/23/2019, 11:51pm PDT
I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were going for an epic, comic book feel, but I keep expecting badgers or a yeti with a baseball bat to jump out. Graphics are usually the last thing I obsess about, but this particular combo of artistic elements is really distracting to me. :/
Rebel Galaxy NT by to own the libs 09/13/2018, 8:27pm PDT
    Impressions? It's on my very short list. NT by Motherhead 09/13/2018, 9:05pm PDT
        Privateer/Freelancer done with capital ships. by to own the libs 09/13/2018, 9:22pm PDT
            Fuck it, I'm in. NT by Motherhead 09/13/2018, 9:42pm PDT
            Oh, that's disappointing. by Mischief Maker 09/14/2018, 6:21am PDT
                shut up and go away please NT by your MEHHHHHHing gets fucking old 09/14/2018, 10:35am PDT
                    More posts like this one please (and THIS one) NT by less discussion, more NT bitching 09/14/2018, 11:23am PDT
                    Don't get your panties in a twist, I didn't say the new game looked bad... by Mischief Maker 09/14/2018, 3:37pm PDT
                        "turned out to just be another first-person fighter-level space trader" NT by Where's these generic WC:P clones? 09/14/2018, 6:19pm PDT
                            Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, the X series, Evochron, Darkstar One, I-War 2... NT by Mischief Maker 09/15/2018, 5:51am PDT
                                Calling Elite a Wing Commander clone NT by to own your detractors 09/15/2018, 9:22am PDT
                                    gruman NT by gruman 09/15/2018, 9:29am PDT
                Re: Oh, that's disappointing. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/16/2018, 11:11am PDT
                    No, that's the point. It's NOT a flightstick game. It's something rarer. by Mischief Maker 09/16/2018, 12:48pm PDT
                        Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is great, you just like sniffing your own farts NT by Mysterio 08/14/2019, 8:46pm PDT
                            Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a different genre than 1. Take your Midol already. NT by Mischief Maker 08/14/2019, 9:49pm PDT
                You know how we know you're gay? by How was your Yanni mixtape? 10/06/2018, 9:56am PDT
                    Re: You know how we know you're gay? by Ulrachi 08/15/2019, 6:20am PDT
                        Maybe we need a truce on this stuff. NT by I Date Conservatives - ask me how 08/15/2019, 8:12am PDT
                            Truce would be great. by I Date Conservatives - ask me how 08/16/2019, 11:09am PDT
                                You've got the most divisive name here. NT by Christopher Dorner 08/16/2019, 11:11am PDT
    How is the FUCKING epic game store? NT by Entropy Stew 08/22/2019, 7:01pm PDT
        I purchased, downloaded, and then played a game. A+ transaction successful NT by pinback 08/22/2019, 7:21pm PDT
            Steam has been not really doing anything for like a decade by Entropy Stew 08/22/2019, 7:24pm PDT
                Yah by I Date Conservatives - ask me how 08/22/2019, 8:07pm PDT
                If you wanna wait out the year, Void Destroyer 2's about to leave EA! by Mischief Maker 08/22/2019, 8:49pm PDT
                    I never pulled the trigger on these games because of the graphic style. by pinback 08/23/2019, 6:10am PDT
                        Agreed, looks like a flash game from 2002 by kyrie derbingle 08/23/2019, 11:51pm PDT
                            A 3D newtonian-physics large space combat simulator running on 2002-era flash??? NT by Mischief Cel-Shader 08/24/2019, 4:56am PDT
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