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Valfaris first impressions. by MM 10/17/2019, 9:12pm PDT
I cleared through the end of stage 2 so far.

People compare this to contra, but that doesn't hold water, this game is WAAAAY too reliant on melee fighting. It's more like an Amiga game ala. Shadow of the Beast or Turrican. Not the least because it doesn't have a scoring system.

The graphics are grotesquely gorgeous and the music is fantastic. The opening level's music reminds me of Black Knight 2000 when the angelic choirs kick in.

You've got a jump, sword swing, endless ammo pistol, energy consuming heavy gun, and energy consuming shield with bonus effects for a perfect block. Sword hits (don't have to be kills) restore energy points. The whole system for holding off on activating checkpoints is much more forgiving than I was expecting. And because I was warned that some bosses have a final dying attack, I haven't been frustrated.

Gameplay-wise this game has been evenly competent so far, rising to above-average in some setpieces. But if either the graphics or the music don't wow you, skip it. Everything this game does well in the gameplay department, other games do better.
Valfaris first impressions. by MM 10/17/2019, 9:12pm PDT
    Earthworm Jim is the better analogue NT by Mysterio 10/20/2019, 8:01am PDT
        Yes, that's perfect! NT by MM 10/20/2019, 11:22am PDT
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