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I finally finished Game of Thrones [spoilers] by blackwater 11/19/2019, 10:35pm PST
It's incredibly obvious when the George R. R. Martin material runs out and a bunch of generic Hollywood hacks begin writing the storyline. The whole mood of the show changes, and characters just start behaving in ways that aren't true to their characters. Tyrion goes from being a ruthless manipulator to being a sentimental fool who is easily duped by Cersei. Jaime goes from being an aristocratic sociopath to having this half-hearted redemption arc which makes no sense. Sansa gains 50 IQ points out of nowhere, because grrrl power, I guess. Daenerys suddenly becomes a comic book villain because... I don't even know. Bran is now played by a piece of cardboard.

There are a lot of issues I could nerdrage about, but just to name one obvious one, how are all these armies teleporting around the map in season 7 and 8? Marching from one end of Westeros to the other should take weeks, or even months. The original seasons gave us the feeling of a lot of stuff happening around the world by jumping back and forth between areas. But the storylines didn't really interact with each other that much. Given the travel distances involved, they couldn't.

And yeah. That final decision about who should be king. WHAT A TWEEST. Except it makes no sense. I could go on, but this guy already did a better job than I did. tl;dr: You just reinvented the system of government that made Poland the punching bag of Europe.
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    I finally finished Game of Thrones [spoilers] by blackwater 11/19/2019, 10:35pm PST
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