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Poe Gameron is 5'8'', that's a midheight by NORMAL 12/01/2019, 9:19pm PST
So - The Last Jedi NT by What a goatfuck 12/15/2017, 11:41am PST
    Tell me about it! by Mark Hamill 12/15/2017, 11:53am PST
    Not a surprise by fabio 12/15/2017, 11:54am PST
        MILD SPOILERS FAGS by What a goatfuck. 12/15/2017, 6:32pm PST
            Re: MILD SPOILERS FAGS by A total lawyer 12/15/2017, 9:54pm PST
                You got me. That doesn't happen in the movie. NT by What a goatfuck. 12/15/2017, 10:18pm PST
        Did you review the last couple Star Wars movies? by Jerry Whorebach 12/01/2019, 7:51pm PST
            Poe Gameron is 5'8'', that's a midheight NT by NORMAL 12/01/2019, 9:19pm PST
                Next you're going to tell me Rose Tico has a "normal" bodyweight and ethnicity. by Jerry Whorebach 12/01/2019, 10:01pm PST
    It's funny when there are hijinx. :( (spoilers) by Rafiki 12/26/2017, 9:49pm PST
        I love this Luke meme by What a goatfuck. 12/30/2017, 2:40pm PST
    So, I thought this movie was the most acceptable of all the Disney ones by blackwater 01/10/2018, 3:30pm PST
    Is the rest of the franchise going to be like this? by Sfia 01/10/2018, 9:52pm PST
    I love Rian Johnson, but this was terrible. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/02/2018, 3:17pm PST
    TLJ the latest target of Weaponizing The Haters by It's pretty bad 10/02/2018, 3:53pm PDT
        Darn ol' Russians hacked Robert Iger by Damage Control Twitter Analyst 10/02/2018, 10:16pm PDT
            Yes, please, just let Star Wars die. by blackwater 10/03/2018, 5:21pm PDT
                "Don't they have a vault" is truly the best take by Vested Id 10/03/2018, 6:33pm PDT
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