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Same by Vested Id 12/05/2019, 6:21pm PST
Anyone perpendicular to orthodoxy is good. I don't want him running the country or anything but it's nice to hear someone come direct with an alternate perspective. That's a good thing!
Bloomberg with the dumbest series of statements in modern politics by Mysterio Prime 12/05/2019, 8:43am PST
    I like him by Mysterio 12/05/2019, 1:48pm PST
        Same by Vested Id 12/05/2019, 6:21pm PST
            Yeah, it was alternate. NT by Horus Truthteller 12/05/2019, 8:16pm PST
        His healthcare plan is slapping the soda bottle out of your mouth, peasant! NT by Mischief Maker 12/05/2019, 8:23pm PST
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