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Re: Bicycle Face by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 12/07/2019, 9:55am PST
blackwater wrote:

Commander, have you ever had bicycle face?

As I'm obviously not a woman, the answer is no. And I rode a bicycle for years because I could talk my mother into buying me a bicycle when it was an alternative to paying bus fare. It's a simple calculation. A new 10-speed maybe costs (then) $100 at K-Mart or a bicycle store, or maybe $20 at a second-hand store. Reasonable lock and chain were $10. (Professionals aren't going to steal bikes worth $20 retail; your lock is to deter casual thieves.) Right now a 26" bicycle sells on Amazon for as low as $169. Bus fare was (then) about $2 a trip to go anywhere ($1 each way). If either time is not critical - and if you're taking the bus, it can't be a time-critical appointment - using a bicycle makes sense for any but very long trips, and as bicycles need very little maintenance, traveling by bicycle can be a big money saver.

At one point about 30 years ago I rode a bicycle from my house to both California State University, Long Beach (about 4 miles) and Long Beach City College Carson Street Campus, (about 7 miles) on a regular basis (almost every day, 7 days a week to one or the other), for at least a couple of years. Much too far to walk, but riding can be much more fun, especially since back then there were no helmet laws for bicycle riders. There's nothing like the feeling of coasting downhill, with the breeze in your hair, as opposed to the effort going the other way, when you have to get off and push the bike uphill.

At one trip a day, 5 days a week, a bicycle pays for itself in 10 weeks, or just under 3 months. With bus trips costing $4 today ($2 each way) , a $170 bicycle with $30 lock also pays for itself in 10 weeks. After that, every trip is free. Maintenance consists of checking the air in the tires (with a manual pump that costs under $10), and probably oiling the derailleur (or using Teflon-based dry lubricant, either about $9 for a container holding enough for a year) once a month, the bicycle and the pump will probably last 5 years with reasonable care (avoid jumping curbs and ride on solid surfaces, not gravel). You might blow a couple of tires over that period (replacement tire $15, inner tube $6, repair kit with saddle bag, $20, that will also last the life of the bike.)

So today, a bicycle rider, over 5 years, has about $250 in fixed costs (bicycle, pump, bar lock or padlock and chain/cable, and repair kit), and $94 in estimated maintenance and repair costs (2 tires, 2 tubes, and 5 cans of lube), for a total of about $350 over 5 years or just under $6 a month.
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