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Re: I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 9:15pm PST
Mischief Chad wrote:

Yeah, boss/employee relationships are inherently fraught and that's the most stable footing you can take against her. But that doesn't explain why you compared her to Anthony Weiner, why you posted nudes without a NWS warning

You're not obtuse, you just make a point of not recognizing the obvious. It's shocking that you think I need to explain the Weiner connection, and I update the thread because the story is not over. See the quote beneath yours below.

Now I'm not being obtuse, I really don't know the full extent of your outrage, whether it extends to poly relationships, or bisexuality, or female promiscuity. But this isn't entirely about sexual harassment for you.

I already explained:

Is anyone enjoying this case study of institutional capture? wrote:

What appeals to me about Caltrops and anti-authoritarianism in general is that you can get to the truth, including the really difficult truths, in spite of overwhelming consensus. And now a consensus on supporting women and never ever judging someone's sexual behavior outside of pedophilia (for now) has left even the anti-authoritarians disarmed. Five seconds ago you would at least be able to say "Well she's a chaotic drunken slut but..." yada yada just an ethical issue, and now you can't even do that.

To talk about this more broadly: people have to willingly withhold judgement when it comes to unusual sexual behavior, and that's because there's always a question whether it's functional or evidence of some kind of underlying insanity or instability. You have these things called moral instincts that help you from being left in the cold in the face of New Cultural Developments; one of them is disgust. We suspend these things when it's right to do it, but credulity isn't a virtue in and of itself.

For example: there was real chaos after the alternative family experimentation of the 60s and 70s and we ended up mostly back where we started — two-parent homes as the safe and secure norm.

So you want to have those instincts available and not blunt them with some sad m'lady commitment to maximal anti-misogyny. I know a girl can be gay, you don't have to be a sniper to notice that a lot of gay women — Eileen Myles, Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus for a few days — have been touched by male evil in some way. So when a woman like Hill is fucking everybody, male and female, within arm's reach, eventually crossing an obvious ethical line, in addition to showing up drunk to meetings, there are a couple obvious moral reactions:

1. This bitch is insane and needs to get her act together
2. She's broken in some way and needs to change

You can think either of these things and still be a good person who believes in gay rights.

The absolute worst response is

3. She's queer and a woman, so, systemic oppression, let's resurrect her career.

Weiner charged ahead and ended up in jail, and that was without the entire fucking system enabling him. Ever seen Flight?

It's kinda hard to get worked up over a woman breaking the rules of her polycule

"Consenting adults!" not yet a punchline to some

when there's a drunken rapist on the supreme court getting ready to hobble the administrative state and a president who's bragged about his penchant for breaking into women's dressing rooms.

He raped nobody, Ford lied to protect Roe, and the fact the media and the DNC will keep that libel alive until they day he dies is a reason to consider never voting Democrat again. Pure evil.

Unlike Roy Moore, there's no narrow majority to defend that makes it conscionable to ignore Hill's indiscretions, and as far as your politics, a lot of regular people are eager to see the administrative state dismantled.

And it's damned infuriating that the dem establishment is willing to give up a blue vote in a swing district to avoid a minor embarrassment when the fact is it strengthens a party that routinely supports and covers up for pedos.

Hastert didn't get an exculpatory op-ed in the Times.
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        Apparently -all- of this was a result of her husband's abuse NT by Women have no agency 11/17/2019, 8:01pm PST
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    New York Times op-ed by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 1:51pm PST
        Is anyone enjoying this case study of institutional capture? by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 2:30pm PST
            Dude, it was a thruple. The husband was a willing participant. What's to judge? NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 3:00pm PST
                What the hell are we talking about here? Just a "thruple"? by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 3:08pm PST
                    She's not. She stepped down on Pelosi's orders. NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 3:11pm PST
                        She has the party's blessing. by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 3:36pm PST
                            What, do you want her to be guillotined or something? NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 4:17pm PST
                                I want her to be contrite, say she's changing her ways, and disappear for a bit by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 4:46pm PST
                                    In other words, you want her to be cancelled. NT by Mischief Chad 12/07/2019, 4:54pm PST
                                        Either this is an ator or you're being extremely obtuse NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 5:14pm PST
                                            "I want her to be contrite." For what? by "obtuse" 12/07/2019, 7:32pm PST
                                                From dragging her staff into her disgusting sex life NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 8:01pm PST
                                                    What'd she do, have his lawyer pay a porn star hush money? That kinda staff drag NT by "obtuse" 12/07/2019, 9:27pm PST
                                                        People knew what they were getting with Trump NT by Vested Id 12/07/2019, 10:08pm PST
                                                    I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Mischief Chad 12/08/2019, 8:17am PST
                                                        Re: I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Mysterio Prime 12/08/2019, 9:42am PST
                                                        Re: I seriously doubt that's it, dude. by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 9:15pm PST
                                                            You know what I think's really going on in this thread? by Mischief Chad 12/08/2019, 10:06pm PST
                                                                I think you're a bigot and by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 10:10pm PST
                                                                    I'm disappointed in all of you. by Injustice 12/08/2019, 11:29pm PST
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                                                                    It's all true. Rod Dreher save me! by MM 12/09/2019, 3:52pm PST
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                                    Re: How 'bout not voting for new ethics rules that prohibit fucking Congress sta by Vested Id 12/08/2019, 9:24pm PST
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        it is amazing that this is what you think is a scandal NT by Ichabod 03/16/2020, 8:02pm PDT
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