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Re: The Witcher by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:16pm PST
For what it's worth, I came to the show mostly a Witcher virgin, and managed to follow along-- I think. There are small clues here and there that do provide some exposition.

They do establish Geralt's ability to cast basic spells when Yennefer asks him "what spells can you do with your hands"? Of course, he doesn't answer, but it does get the audience thinking about the idea. I didn't catch the reference to Aard, but I think that one was for the hardcore fans. I'm ok with that.

The jumping between timelines is annoying at first. But they committed to the concept, and eventually I think they made it work.

Evil Hogwarts was a little too evil for me. They kind of lost my sympathy with that one thing... that I guess I won't talk about too much, to avoid spoilers. It makes it hard to really get invested in the subsequent subplots with the rectoress.

I almost kind of wish the show had been more episodic than it was. I feel like The Witcher could be like Star Trek: The Next Generation where each episode had a "monster of the week." I kind of got that feeling from the dragon episode, and it gave me a warm nostalgic glow.

My biggest complaint is that the show seems to be in a huge hurry, but I would rather that it just slow down and let me take in all the little details. This is something that the early seasons of Game of Thrones got right. George R. R. Martin was never in a hurry to get through... anything, really. I bet when G.R.R.M. eats dinner, it's a multi-course, four hour affair like he's a fucking hobbit or something.
The Witcher (Netflix) by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:47pm PST
    And damn if that "Toss a coin to your Witcher" song hasn't been stuck in my head by Mischief Maker 01/11/2020, 6:53pm PST
        Back up. Are there elves in Witcher? by Nostromo 01/15/2020, 11:40am PST
    Re: The Witcher by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:16pm PST
    Re: The Witcher (Netflix) by laudablepuss 02/10/2020, 7:37pm PST
        no its taken out of the Sapkowski books NT by my good bitch 02/13/2020, 7:12am PST
            You're a dork by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 3:47pm PST
                Yes, a Polish author behind the Iron Curtain ripped off your lameass 70s Pulp NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/13/2020, 7:52pm PST
                    Guys like you are just too stupid to talk to by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 9:23pm PST
                        B..but I always got you your beer, laudable-kun!! NT by Sarcastic ghost of puss's gf 02/14/2020, 11:45am PST
                    Geralt of Rivia is legally distinct from Elric of Melnibone. by Volo's Guide to Drizzts 02/13/2020, 10:01pm PST
                        Ha! by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:30pm PST
                        Quick note, it's Melnibon√© by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 10:34pm PST
        Here, just watch this by MM 02/13/2020, 7:23am PST
            Very interesting thanks by laudablepuss 02/13/2020, 4:57pm PST
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