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Re: The Irishman by Roop 01/18/2020, 4:59pm PST
Mischief Maker wrote:

Great film, great performances, and all of that....

I couldn't get past the cgi. I found it unwatchable.

I sure did like the idea of this movie, bringing the gang back together one last time. I guess everybody could buy into it and enjoy the movie, me I'm riding multiple uncanny valleys and getting sick to my stomach. Pesci's lips, what the fuck he's having dinner with De Niro, and I'm just fixated on his lips and stop paying attention to what they're saying. It's almost but not quite Clutch Cargo, it's like his lips are matching up with the dialog fine but the rest of his face gets out of sync every so often. But then their eyes, so fucking wrong. I'm not sure if they even bother to teach the trick to painting eyes in art school anymore or who they hired, but these people don't understand what they're doing and what realistic eyes look like. The shadows are off on the eyes and I almost thought when they showed De Niro as a super young guy in a car that he was secretly an alien with glowing blue eyes from another planet, like he's come to earth to infiltrate our society. Then they show him running around like like he's a young spry dude that's always skips around town fast, but bullshit, even freakier than the eyes. Poor De Niro in some green leotard with tennis balls glued to it, come on old man run around like your a young man about town! And he grunts and skips around with his old wobbily knees and stooped back, and it's like some game dev putting a young mesh on an old fucking rickety skeleton.

I made ten minutes, so I tried watching Watchmen instead. Lord help, tried watching Watchmen. What's wrong with you people, you should all be ashamed of yourselves!
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