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Pretty sure my video card is borked by obi wan kenobi? 01/21/2020, 8:19pm PST
So I'm fairly sure this problem means my video card (5 years old) is kaput.

This only pops up when I'm playing a game. Usually after 5-10 minute. Hard freeze, then the Windows 10 BSOD. A different error message each time. So far these have come up:

-Page fault in nonpage area
-clock watchdog timeout
-dps watching violation
-rendering device has been lost

This all started happening less than 24 hours after Jan 16 when two Windows 10 updates installed: KB4532938 and KB4528760. No option to revert to old version because it's "over 10 days since the last change". Uhhhh, ok
Have tried:

-Updating all drivers.
-Updating BIOS firmware
-Rolling back to 2 previous video card drivers
-Some guide that said to delete driver, reinstall, expand the nvlddmkm.sy_ file in teh NVIDIA folder to nvlddmkm.sys in the system32 driver folder.

Disabling the video card (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 360m) running the built in Intel graphics card has zero freezes or BSODs. Games run at absolute minimum with flickering and slide show framerates, but no freezes.

Recently discovered that I can enable the card and run with zero crashes as long as...the power supply isn't plugged in and I'm running off battery? I went and changed everything in my power settings profile so the plugged in setting all exactly matched the battery settings. Still crashes when plugged in, no crashes running battery.

da fuq?
Pretty sure my video card is borked by obi wan kenobi? 01/21/2020, 8:19pm PST
    Maybe it's the power supply that's borked? Also my new 1660 super GPU review: by MM 01/21/2020, 9:04pm PST
    On some laptops the dedicated video card won't run without power connected by Caltrops Tech Support 01/22/2020, 5:28am PST
    Re: Pretty sure my video card is borked by Oh 01/22/2020, 6:12am PST
        Laptop. Built into motherboard. NT by obi wan kenobi? 01/22/2020, 12:21pm PST
            Let's hotwire it NT by Oh 01/22/2020, 12:55pm PST
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