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Re: I enjoy these good Roop takes by Roop 01/24/2020, 3:22pm PST
Ice Cream Jonsey wrote:

Hahah, the eye color thing in The Irishman was weird as shit. What the fuck was Scorsese thinking? Hahaha.

If Dean Cain can say fuck off and give us a brown-eyed Superman for fuck's sake and society doesn't collapse (well, 5 years after the show ended, 9/11 happened, so maybe it did), I think we can all rationalize to ourselves that some IRISH DUDE has brown eyes or whatever DeNiro is packing. It's fine, Martin, really.

Your take on Watchmen saddens me. I almost gave up after the first episode but I stuck with it and liked it a lot. I am not suggesting that you do this - I have been told many, many times on this forum by people who are no longer here that it is acceptable that computer games blow for the first four hours and I'm an idiot for not trudging through, and I disagreed mightily with that sentiment - but if you do stick with it, I thought it was great.


I don't know man this Watchmen, I kept groaning at stuff. They kept having Watchmen Logos showing up randomly, like in people's breakfasts, do they stop it with that shit? The old woman, my age, running around, kicking the shit out of people because she smells bleach. Lol!

Then Don Johnson goes and somehow grabs the controls of that Owlship and crashes the godamn thing. Now that I think about it, Archie, wasn't it? Horrible design, nobody would survive the flipping over and over, it's a godamn ball! Not the old black woman with her kung fu, and not Don Johnson who is twice the age as the old woman and doesn't know kung fu. Climbs out smiling, fuck this guy, then they have him at dinner singing. And I wish that Don Johnson had died in the Archie crash so much but he keeps singing the fucker. But then Louis Gosset Junior corners him and kilsl him, hooray!

I had had enough. So my sister insists I should watch this show as well, but I was flipping channels and came across Dr. Manhattan... in his greasepaint. So... they kinda ran out of budget? What about his cock?

I went and saw 1917! OK here's my take! Dan Carlin was better.
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