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Wordpress Gutenberg by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 8:30pm PST
Indefensible horseshit, I've had to disable it here if I wanted to get anything accomplished. I can't begin to state how little time I have for Wordpress's new text editor UI, which is stupid and broken, and how little I care to "learn" how to use their Uber for Text Editor shitware.

Of course, someone has to defend it.

The short answer is expressed best in the quote, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” Software must evolve or it becomes archaic and dies.


This bring us to the concept of disruptive innovation,


In 2018 with WordPress 5.0, the leadership and many contributors to WordPress decided to self-disrupt the open source software project with the introduction of Gutenberg. Instead of sitting idly by watching disruption happen externally, Matt Mullenweg, as the project lead, decided to push WordPress further. The feature plugin, Gutenberg, was developed with an initial desire to redesign the editing experience within WordPress. Everything would be based on blocks, content would be easier to lay out on the page, and the software would make use of JavaScript in the form of React.

Hahahaha. Gutenberg is easier, fellas!

What the article doesn't say is that Wordpress opted everyone in to their new text editor that nobody knew how to use. I have to run a plug in to disable it. "Watch disruption happen externally" - the only time I've considered moving this site off Wordpress is when Gutenberg was thrown at me.

Wordpress Gutenberg by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/24/2020, 8:30pm PST
    Yeah, I've heard bad things about Gutenberg. by blackwater 02/19/2020, 12:37pm PST NEW
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