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Return of Reckoning

Game now runs on a private server. It's mostly exactly as I remember it. Scenarios can have fewer players than before, but everything mostly works. It commonly has several thousand online at a time.

Differences I've noticed from (first year) launch:

-You automatically get the new ability at each level up. No more buying them from trainers.

-Scenario tiers have been consolidated to account for the lower population. Tier 1 is ranks 1-15, t2 16-39, t3 everything above (max was massively raised sometime long after I stopped playing).

-No more wait animation for harvesting skills. You instantly scavenge/butcher dead enemies.

-No more clicking "loot all" button. They assume if you right click a corpse, you want to and will pick up everything.

-Some map displays are bugged. Quest turn in character will not show up until you're right on top of them.

-Seems most quests give out double xp from before. They were wastes of time. Now they're slightly less wastes.

-Class balance has been tweaked since official game. I have no clue what they specifically changed, but a lot of the Order > Destruction nonsense seems gone. Sorcerers can now out burst damage Bright Wizards (BW have more utility and sustained burst)! Witch Elves are now better than Witch Hunters!

The one downside is that scenarios are lopsided stomps roughly half the time, mostly thanks to the expanded level range. You still get bolstered so your stats are the same as the highest rank, but you're still missing the gear, abilities, renown skills, and talents that the higher ranks enjoy. The good news is the stomps seem evenly split between Order and Destruction (seems different time zones favor one faction). The really bad news more Nordenwatch :(. They got rid of the most iconic experience for players back in the day. Tier 1 did keep that GODAWFUL dam scenario though. You know, the one that never ends? Never queue for it. Bail if you get stuck.

Jump back on and join me, cunts!
Back to playing Warhammer Online, fuckers! by fuck Bright Wizards 02/18/2020, 10:25pm PST
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