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Whoa by Judge Barry 02/25/2020, 8:21am PST
Always wanted to try it. Do you need a good computer? I know the graphics aren't taxing. But I've heard it computes much.
Pictures from Beautyworks by pinback 02/25/2020, 4:56am PST
    Full embark zone, ASCII-mode by pinback 02/25/2020, 6:54am PST
        Whoa by Judge Barry 02/25/2020, 8:21am PST
            Re: Whoa by pinback 02/25/2020, 8:32am PST
    Quick mouse designation demonstration. by pinback 02/27/2020, 7:20am PST
        In our complex world I seek to get back to simpler times of LOLDONGS NT by Lawrence O. L. Dongs 02/27/2020, 12:14pm PST
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