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hahaha by Vested Id 02/25/2020, 5:59pm PST
Ban Oops Donny and Ulrachi by Mysterio 02/24/2020, 1:35pm PST
    CLOWN SHOES DO YOUR FUCKING JOB NT by Mysterio 02/24/2020, 5:12pm PST
        Belay that order, Clownshoes by Cretinous Reprobate 02/24/2020, 6:49pm PST
            Yep by Vested Id 02/24/2020, 11:01pm PST
                Hey man, I'm being kind to their transitioning state by Cretinous Reprobate 02/25/2020, 5:29pm PST
                    hahaha NT by Vested Id 02/25/2020, 5:59pm PST
                        Hahahah high five fellow dumb cunt by Vested Id 02/25/2020, 7:21pm PST
    They're just crybabies NT by but harmless retards 02/25/2020, 1:36pm PST
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