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This is still the best GC3 resource on the entire internet by laudablepuss 02/26/2020, 8:43am PST
This isn't terrible, it has screenshots to help you with your first couple turns.
This one is pretty good, with a few exceptions. The advice about Mars is badly out of date. The colony rush is so slow, it doesn't fucking matter. Take Mars right away, build a goddamn space elevator on it (when you get that tech, which is pretty low on the tree), and use it to help power your colony ship and constructor ship construction.

Way better advice: if you are benevolent and get that free colony ship, it comes with FIVE BILLION PEOPLE. This is a bug, or an oversight: colony ships can only have 3 billion. And a new planet can only support 3 billion, anyway. So DO NOT SEND THAT THING TO A PLANET. Use it to dump guys on your newly depopulated Earth after you've built a bunch of colony ships. And also, if you get the "outpost" event and Saturn or someplace turns into a habitable planet, use it to ferry the billions of sad chumps off of there. They'll all just die anyway if you don't (until it gets down to around 1 billion people).

Other things in there are debatable but not bad. I personally find an all defense escort to be bizarre. Just because the AI is stupid enough to shoot at a weaponless ship (in favor of the ones that do have weapons) doesn't mean I should build one. But whatever you wanna do.

"Put a Port of Call on every planet." *cry* One per player now, man.
Let's look at out-of-date crap on the wiki:

Map size: there is no "insane" map size anymore. Brad was lazy and instead of making a new map size, he re-used the existing largest size, bumped it up even larger, and called it "ludicrous". Stardock warns people that they don't want to hear about your computer's cpu and memory limitations that are making your ludicrous map game run slow. You picked it, pal.

The wiki still talks about the economy wheel. Brad hated this and got rid of it. It's long gone, guys. So is "coercion". If you played GC2 and are used to setting your planet to focus on production or research or economy, that's all gone. Just make the buildings you want.

Colony improvements still list all the old military buildings that don't exist anymore.

And on and on. Don't use the wiki. Except maybe this page, which *I think* is still current.
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