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Thanks man by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/07/2020, 4:18pm PDT
kyrie derbingle wrote:

I’ve been using several abandonware sites while stuck at home. Home Of the Underdogs is my usual go-to, but I didn’t see Gettysburg there.

It’s also for sale at Amazon if you want to pay $200 new or $25 used.

Someone was talking about the Civil War, somewhere, recently. Like on a place I was in, not just in the world without me hearing it. Everyone was creaming their shit over these games of his, Sid's Civil War games, back when they came out. Now they are in a weird spot where no online launcher has picked them up. I guess EA's would be the one if they own Microprose now?

I have a CD in the attic above the garage. I own about 300 games on CD and DVD from the late 90s early 2000s. I worked at Electronic Boutique for a year and a half and I made it my mission to buy everything that was remotely good. A few of us had a CD writer a bit before they were mainstream so my roommate was feeding me games that was too. So really this is all an exercise in how little I want to go up the stairs to the garage attic. I fixed the stairs up the garage attic which is my main reason for not wanting to use those stairs.

(ALSO. I think I have a virus-free install zip of Supremacy: Four Paths to Power that I found while cleaning up, which was the strategy game kthor was involved with. Another one that is abandoned.)

Is Sid's Gettysburg game available anywhere? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/07/2020, 8:26am PDT
    Re: Is Sid's Gettysburg game available anywhere? by kyrie derbingle 04/07/2020, 10:12am PDT
        Thanks man by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/07/2020, 4:18pm PDT
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