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The Right, eating itself. by Mysterioso 05/24/2020, 11:40am PDT
Ann Coulter, jilted bride by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 7:14am PDT
    The Right, eating itself. NT by Mysterioso 05/24/2020, 11:40am PDT
        Criticizing dear leader is a good sign NT by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 2:08pm PDT
    She posted a bunch more by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 2:16pm PDT
        Old news by blackwater 05/24/2020, 9:35pm PDT
            They didn't, fix your browser by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 9:52pm PDT
                Some plug in blocks the tweets here sometimes. by Judge Barry 05/25/2020, 7:32am PDT
                Looks like it’s blocked in Brave for some reason. by blackwater 05/25/2020, 9:48pm PDT
                    I use Brave NT by Vested Id 05/25/2020, 10:25pm PDT
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