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Old news by blackwater 05/24/2020, 9:35pm PDT
This is old news. She's been mad with Trump for years for not following through on the wall, and for his falling out with Jeff Sessions.

The tweets got blanked, btw.
Ann Coulter, jilted bride by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 7:14am PDT
    The Right, eating itself. NT by Mysterioso 05/24/2020, 11:40am PDT
        Criticizing dear leader is a good sign NT by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 2:08pm PDT
    She posted a bunch more by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 2:16pm PDT
        Old news by blackwater 05/24/2020, 9:35pm PDT
            They didn't, fix your browser by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 9:52pm PDT
                Some plug in blocks the tweets here sometimes. by Judge Barry 05/25/2020, 7:32am PDT
                Looks like it’s blocked in Brave for some reason. by blackwater 05/25/2020, 9:48pm PDT
                    I use Brave NT by Vested Id 05/25/2020, 10:25pm PDT
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