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Re: ... by Vested Id 05/27/2020, 6:37pm PDT
IPB (was Mysterio in other post) wrote:

You're arguing for a worldwide surveillance state.

You brought up legislating videos taken in public being uploaded to the internet. You're the one arguing for worldwide internet surveillance and lockdown.

I'm really confused by how you're characterizing me there, I'm saying: if a video goes viral and the person in it didn't want to be filmed, they should either be eligible for compensation (punitive) or be able to get the person who took the video in other kinds of legal trouble. So people wouldn't bother doing it. Something along those lines, I know it's a big ask but it's probably necessary now.

do we believe that we can only get people to behave properly with surveillance?

The video literally answers your own question.

"Only". Do we "only". How did people get other people to behave prior to social media? This is one of those issues that has pushed me rightward because I think Americans in the past had a much better ability to police one another than they do now, without a noose even.

He called her a "Karen" in his Facebook post which explains why you think this is OK to say.

She is what Karen's are. I can guarantee that she's called for a manager more than once and wouldn't lost sleep if someone was fired over it.

Yeah she seems like a huge bitch, hey when did you learn the phrase "Karen" was it more or less than a month ago.

I'm sure you're right in that she's the one who called the police and expected him to handle it privately. An attitude that probably served her well in the corporate world. She wasn't scared. She was furious and confused that he didn't back down.

You think she would have behaved better if had *secretly* taped her?

He shouldn't have recorded her at all, go tell a police officer she won't leash her dog. Things escalated when he got into the shenanigans with the camera and the doggie treats. Even just calling out the violators can have a positive effect.

That duress you're seeing is losing control of her own rage. Being fired and losing your dog aren't half as much harm as she wanted the police to do to him.

Show it to a cop not the globe.
Woman responsibly wears mask before calling the cops on a birdwatching black guy by IPB 05/26/2020, 8:43pm PDT
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                        And the whole Katie Hill thing was just between her and her husband, right? NT by FAP FAP FAP 05/28/2020, 6:26am PDT
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        As an African-American person would say, snitches get stitches. NT by IPB 05/27/2020, 8:48am PDT
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                                        Re: ... by Mysterio 05/27/2020, 9:36pm PDT
                                    I enjoy when people explain what a black guy SHOULDA done with the police, also. NT by laudablepuss 05/28/2020, 8:53am PDT
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                                It must be nice to live in a country with real cops. by Injustice 05/28/2020, 8:10pm PDT
                                    The day after I posted this, new revelations came out about the NS shooter. by Injustice 05/30/2020, 1:49am PDT
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                                Re: ... by "Show a cop" 05/28/2020, 8:36pm PDT
        Attempting murder-by-cop while strangling your dog? You do what you gotta do. NT by Danny Aiello in Do the Right Thing 05/28/2020, 6:31am PDT
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