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Re: ... by Vested Id 05/27/2020, 8:50pm PDT
IPB wrote:

Vested Id wrote:

if a video goes viral and the person in it didn't want to be filmed, they should either be eligible for compensation (punitive) or be able to get the person who took the video in other kinds of legal trouble.

Legal trouble for what?? Publicly showing and saying that you were filming someone in a very public area who was loudly directly interacting with you?

For subjecting an unwilling party to online abuse, this is not hard to understand dude.

There is zero expectation for privacy there

"Public parks are a part of the global panopticon." Pass a law.

and to suggest otherwise is laughable. You know who gets special protection like that? Children. How old do you think she is?

Someone is going to kill themselves over this kind of thing.

Doggy treats are not brass knuckles.

He pulled them out to attract her dog, after they already had a negative interaction, which is why she freaked out.

I'm happy with your response here because it's thoughtless enough that I don't feel like I need to keep hashing it out with you. And the guy is absolutely a "Karen" for taking this to social media to deal with it. Not being a Karen means handling it responsibly instead of abusing people's sympathies.
Woman responsibly wears mask before calling the cops on a birdwatching black guy by IPB 05/26/2020, 8:43pm PDT
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        Amazing. NT by laudablepuss 05/26/2020, 10:48pm PDT
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                        And the whole Katie Hill thing was just between her and her husband, right? NT by FAP FAP FAP 05/28/2020, 6:26am PDT
                Also by laudablepuss 05/27/2020, 12:25pm PDT
        As an African-American person would say, snitches get stitches. NT by IPB 05/27/2020, 8:48am PDT
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                                                hahaha NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/28/2020, 6:15am PDT
                                        Re: ... by Mysterio 05/27/2020, 9:36pm PDT
                                    I enjoy when people explain what a black guy SHOULDA done with the police, also. NT by laudablepuss 05/28/2020, 8:53am PDT
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                                It must be nice to live in a country with real cops. by Injustice 05/28/2020, 8:10pm PDT
                                    The day after I posted this, new revelations came out about the NS shooter. by Injustice 05/30/2020, 1:49am PDT
                                        Re: The day after I posted this, new revelations came out about the NS shooter. by Mysterio 05/30/2020, 10:22am PDT
                                Re: ... by "Show a cop" 05/28/2020, 8:36pm PDT
        Attempting murder-by-cop while strangling your dog? You do what you gotta do. NT by Danny Aiello in Do the Right Thing 05/28/2020, 6:31am PDT
    I am not a racist and I demand to speak to your Dick Clownshoes immediately NT by Karen is everywhere 05/27/2020, 4:56pm PDT
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