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5 kids! by Unbelievably Fat Man 06/03/2020, 9:23am PDT
Prominent leftist NY Daily News writer and blacklivesmatter founder goes APESHIT by kate leth 12/08/2015, 4:47am PST
    Drones? Thanks Obama NT by Eurotrash 12/08/2015, 5:34am PST
    Nobody except me noticed by lizardmen in the White House. 12/08/2015, 6:45am PST
        Didn't have the time to find a picture with chemtrails, obama, and isis by Worm 12/08/2015, 9:09am PST
            caption: "thanks Obama" NT by Eurotrash 12/08/2015, 2:31pm PST
    5 kids! NT by Unbelievably Fat Man 06/03/2020, 9:23am PDT
    "Dumb" cablepost predicts five years of bumbling, deadly insanity from Talcum X NT by Vested Id 06/03/2020, 11:40am PDT
        5 kids, how do you have time for anything though. That's all. NT by Unbelievably Fat Man 06/03/2020, 1:10pm PDT
            Five kids is about average for his kind NT by Mormons are a blight 06/03/2020, 1:15pm PDT
                Just a nice family man sending warm supportive messages to another family by Fade Check 06/07/2020, 11:48am PDT
    welcome back jsoh NT by this week fucking SUCKED u guys 06/06/2020, 10:49am PDT
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