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Atlas Obscura lays off 15, digital media taking pay cuts by IPB 06/29/2020, 4:04am PDT
Group Nine, publisher of Thrillist, The Dodo, Popsugar and others, announced towards the end of March that the executive leadership team is taking a pay cut of roughly 25% for the remainder of the year while CEO Ben Lerer will give up about six months worth of pay. Additionally, the company has frozen its hiring and eliminated its summer internship program for 2020. Benefits, such as non-mandatory merit raises and matching 401(k) contributions, have also been suspended for an indefinite amount of time, according to a company spokesperson.

Vice announced that for 90 days, its workforce is adapting to a four-day work week in exchange for a 20% reduction for those earning $125,000 in the U.S and 10% for those earning $100,000 to $125,000, according to a source familiar with the company. Executives are specifically taking a 25% reduction.

BuzzFeed last week announced there would be graduated salary reductions starting at 5% for employees making $40,000 to $64,900, up to 14-25% for certain executives making above $225,000 annually, while CEO Jonah Peretti isn’t taking any salary for the remainder of the crisis, according to an internal memo shared with Digiday.

Group 9 laid off 7% of its staff
This is the thread for corona layoffs by IPB 05/06/2020, 5:48pm PDT
    I think Kickstarter was firing people for forming a union by Ichabod 05/06/2020, 6:24pm PDT
        30 million claims for unemployment by DoL 05/06/2020, 9:49pm PDT
    Holland America cruise line lays off 2000 workers NT by IPB 05/14/2020, 4:01pm PDT
        What kind of a piece of shit runs a company that can't survive for 2 months? NT by Ichabod 05/14/2020, 4:07pm PDT
    Quartz news site to lay off 80 workers NT by IPB 05/14/2020, 5:07pm PDT
    The state of Michigan furloughs 31K state workers NT by IPB 05/14/2020, 5:08pm PDT
    Uber, Lyft, and AirBnB fire over 15% of staff NT by IPB 05/14/2020, 5:11pm PDT
    Vice lays off 155 staff NT by IPB 05/15/2020, 12:16pm PDT
        From Corona to the sea NT by Journalism will be free 05/15/2020, 1:05pm PDT
    Virgin Atlantic cuts over 3000 jobs NT by IPB 05/15/2020, 12:18pm PDT
    Cirque de Soleil laid off 95% of workers NT by IPB 05/15/2020, 12:20pm PDT
    Cheesecake factory furloughed 41,000 workers by IPB 05/16/2020, 12:00pm PDT
    CUNY laying off hundreds of adjunct professors NT by IPB 05/16/2020, 12:04pm PDT
    Buzzfeed lays off 20 journalists, drops UK/Aus coverage, negotiating with union NT by to fire them -IPB 05/16/2020, 12:14pm PDT
    3000 more at Uber, plus 45 offices by blackwater 05/18/2020, 9:20am PDT
        I have heard stories that Uber workers were really cocky. by Ichabod 05/18/2020, 10:18am PDT
            Re: I have heard stories that Uber workers were really cocky. by Mysteriobama 05/19/2020, 10:00pm PDT
                You escaped COVID-19 and Uber in the same year! by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/27/2020, 8:56pm PDT
                Uber is outsourcing a bunch of stuff to India right now, from what I hear. NT by blackwater 05/28/2020, 6:27pm PDT
    Pier 1 completely shutting down NT by Ichabod 05/19/2020, 8:28pm PDT
    IBM and Hewlett-Packard layoffs in thousands NT by IPB 05/24/2020, 3:23pm PDT
    The Atlantic lays off 20% of staff NT by IPB 05/24/2020, 3:25pm PDT
        Mostly "Events" staff (Aspen Ideas festival, etc.) NT by Vested Id 05/24/2020, 7:01pm PDT
    Boeing lays off almost 7000 people NT by IPB 05/27/2020, 6:35pm PDT
    CBS lays off 300-400 workers NT by IPB 05/28/2020, 12:33pm PDT
        Mark Knoller canned, their most trustworthy journalist NT by Vested Id 05/28/2020, 11:15pm PDT
    MSN replaces dozens of journalists with AI NT by IPB 05/30/2020, 1:41pm PDT
        Sounds like an Office Space situation by Vested Id 05/30/2020, 3:03pm PDT
    My local game store. Riots, not covid. by Kirahu Nagasawa 05/31/2020, 11:06am PDT
        Slavery was a mistake NT by Should have kept them in Africa 05/31/2020, 1:25pm PDT
            Re: Slavery was a mistake by JPG Man 05/31/2020, 1:32pm PDT
            Why can't they riot and set cars on fire over their sports team losing? NT by like good white people 05/31/2020, 2:05pm PDT
                Brazilians are white? NT by IPB 05/31/2020, 2:19pm PDT
                    A lot of Minnesotiaians are and I hate them all NT by Non-broken guy 05/31/2020, 4:10pm PDT NEW
                        Let's stay on topic. NT by Mr. 3000 and his blob 05/31/2020, 4:34pm PDT NEW
    Arizona D-backs cut a quarter of staff NT by IPB 06/01/2020, 4:33pm PDT NEW
    Playboy lays off editorial staff. Can't be read for the articles anymore NT by IPB 06/01/2020, 8:42pm PDT NEW
        I once felt intimidated by Playboy. Now they can't exist. NT by Breeze 06/01/2020, 9:28pm PDT NEW
    Funko culls 250 workers. Gamestock shares tumble NT by IPB 06/04/2020, 5:17pm PDT NEW
        I... tried... by Greatest president 06/04/2020, 5:35pm PDT NEW
            You do realize that's a sloppy photoshop, right? NT by Mischief Killjoy 06/04/2020, 5:46pm PDT NEW
                It's 100% real NT by That's Barry 06/04/2020, 5:56pm PDT NEW
    The Athletic and SB Nation lay off staff. NBA, NFL, college football mostly NT by IPB 06/06/2020, 6:28am PDT NEW
        The Athletic deserves this by Horus Truthteller 06/06/2020, 8:06am PDT NEW
    BP lays off 10,000 NT by IPB 06/08/2020, 8:39pm PDT NEW
    AEG to have 'significant' layoffs NT by IPB 06/08/2020, 8:46pm PDT NEW
    American Cancer Society lays off 1000 people NT by IPB 06/14/2020, 10:43am PDT NEW
    Lufthansa to cut 22,000 full-time jobs NT by IPB 06/14/2020, 10:44am PDT NEW
    Starbucks to close up to 400 stores NT by IPB 06/14/2020, 10:45am PDT NEW
    US Tennis Association Cuts 110 Jobs, roughly 20% of its workforce NT by IPB 06/14/2020, 10:46am PDT NEW
    La-Z-Boy to cut 850 jobs, close Mississippi factory NT by IPB 06/14/2020, 10:47am PDT NEW
    T-Mobile/Sprint and AT&T laying off thousands NT by IPB 06/16/2020, 4:57pm PDT NEW
    GoDaddy closing Austin location, over 300 people fired NT by IPB 06/25/2020, 3:37am PDT NEW
    WeWork lays off 200 in UK NT by IPB 06/29/2020, 3:57am PDT NEW
    Sonos lays off 12% of workforce, closing NY store NT by IPB 06/29/2020, 3:58am PDT NEW
    Atlas Obscura lays off 15, digital media taking pay cuts by IPB 06/29/2020, 4:04am PDT NEW
    Caltrops is the new FUCKEDCOMPANY.COM NT by Pud 06/29/2020, 1:29pm PDT NEW
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