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NordVPN? by NordVPN. 09/13/2020, 1:49pm PDT
There's exactly one retarded baby here and his posting style is so obvious no matter how hard he tries to get attention.
"Just keep going, it should clot in a few minutes" - shitmod to disgusted trucke NT by Mysterio 09/12/2020, 7:51pm PDT NEW
    Guess we're banning people for opinions on Dune now NT by great forum 09/12/2020, 8:09pm PDT NEW
        Good, we wore out free speech now it's bannon time! NT by And invoke "NT"! 09/12/2020, 9:16pm PDT NEW
    Can you explain what you mean? Honestly don't know NT by Mysterio 09/12/2020, 9:42pm PDT NEW
    NordVPN? by NordVPN. 09/13/2020, 1:49pm PDT NEW
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