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Correction by Brody Wilder 09/15/2020, 4:19pm PDT
Brody Wilder wrote:

then it was Casablanca meets The Maltese Falcon (though it wasn't quite time yet for Sidney Greenstreet to slime his way into Han's life)

I'm up to 1948 in my quest to watch every movie ever made (or at least all the ones available on blu-ray). What I thought of as 'The Maltese Falcon meets Casablanca' was actually Out of the Past (1947), though the description still applies. Robert Mitchum was the coolest motherfucker in that movie! Kirk Douglas was in it, too. You should see it if you haven't, it's even better than Solo.
Post the RAVE REVIEWS the new Star Wars flick is getting NT by In This Thread!!!! 12/18/2019, 10:31am PST
    I hear it is bad NT by shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhocking news 12/19/2019, 1:45pm PST
    "This is not my fault!" by Mike from RLM 12/23/2019, 10:58am PST
        This is a bad take. by blackwater 01/13/2020, 10:56pm PST
            Watchmen 2009 or whatever it is is a good movie. I like ZS. NT by Toro 01/14/2020, 10:42am PST
    Written by: by Donald Kaufman 12/26/2019, 8:18am PST
    John Boyega making fun of SW morons on Twitter is great by Jack Bauer 01/01/2020, 10:01am PST
        He posted the Joker Steps dance, an official /ourguy/ now NT by Vested Id 01/01/2020, 2:39pm PST
        An observation. by Mr. 3000 01/01/2020, 2:44pm PST
            Good for him by Worst Boy Grip 01/01/2020, 4:12pm PST
    Re: #releasethejjcut by Furcifer 01/04/2020, 5:52pm PST
        You cannot resist the power of the psyops NT by Vested Id 01/05/2020, 10:47am PST
        Re: #releasethejjcut by San Fernando Investor 01/05/2020, 1:48pm PST
            Re: #releasethejjcut by Vested Id 01/05/2020, 2:42pm PST
            The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by Mischief Maker 01/05/2020, 4:44pm PST
                Re: The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by Furcifer 01/05/2020, 7:29pm PST
                Re: The prequels and sequels suffered the same fate as Game of Thrones: by San Fernando Investor 01/05/2020, 8:44pm PST
                    It's the difference between a movie about samurais with laser swords, or one NT by about laser swords with samurais. 01/12/2020, 11:28pm PST
                "Star Wars is just a Kurosawa knockoff" by CHECK THESE FRESH 2020 TAKES! 01/12/2020, 8:02pm PST
                    Last Man Standing was a film that was a remake of Fistful of Dollars and Yojimbo NT by binkbot 01/12/2020, 8:59pm PST
                        And Yojimbo was the detective novel "Red Harvest" repurposed as a samurai film. NT by Mischief Fresh Takes 01/12/2020, 11:26pm PST
                            Mandalorian is a Lone Wolf & Cub in space by FRESH TAKES!! 01/13/2020, 12:28am PST
                    Empire was really good. by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:35am PST
                        Oh shit, how could I forget the part where it was Money Train? NT by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:51am PST
                            And The Defiant Ones! NT by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 1:52am PST
                            Money Train was known as Jump Together in some markets by Vested Id 01/13/2020, 12:51pm PST
                                I understand Jump Together, because it was a real Lethal Weapon II situation... by Brody Wilder 01/13/2020, 5:22pm PST
                        Correction by Brody Wilder 09/15/2020, 4:19pm PDT NEW
                    I don't know if this is just your N layers of irony, or if you don't know that by blackwater 01/13/2020, 11:00pm PST
                        Zero degrees irony in MM's post, point goes to Brody NT by Vested Id 01/14/2020, 11:10am PST
                        Who trolls the trollmen ;) NT by Trokkman 01/14/2020, 12:58pm PST
                        Skip the n levels of Irony by Let's go to Hard R! 01/14/2020, 10:31pm PST
                        yes, that was the joke, stupid by expecting more from Trump fans 01/16/2020, 10:26pm PST
                            GUYS! Enjoy your in-lined penis photos. ;) by Ix 01/17/2020, 3:53pm PST
    This movie was ass NT by Mysterio 05/18/2020, 7:24pm PDT
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