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GolfTopia by pinback 09/20/2020, 5:17pm PDT
My Steam review:

I agree with myself wrote:

Two things:

1. The greatest thing I can say about this game is that even the parts I knew I wouldn't like, I ended up loving.

2. If you have any interest in either golf course design or tycoon-style building games, or preferably both, and are reading these reviews to decide whether to buy or not, press "Add to Cart" immediately.

An absolute joy in all respects. On default difficulty level, it's not a challenging game other than engaging your creativity to come up with the coolest futuristic golf resort your mind can create. Every part of the process is delightful. Painting the holes will have you aching to upgrade your clubhouse so you can paint more.

The only "enemy" here is customer dissatisfaction, which is trivial to overcome, and "weeds", which present a sort of tower-defense minigame for you to play around with, as you set up your lasers and "lawn-mortars" (one of the coolest effects in the game) to keep them at bay. But as with everything else in the game, it's not a frustration, merely another avenue for your creativity.

The parts I didn't think I'd like (the futuristic tubes you can set up for the golfers to travel with, and the admittedly goofy mini-golf-like bumpers and other "wacky devices") end up being just another group of tools with which to obsess over. But hey, if you don't love that, just leave 'em out and keep with standard golf design. It's all good.

I'd do a "pros and cons" list, but I haven't come up with any "cons". There are a few tiny UI adjustments I'd add, but everything else I can think of falls under the "wish list" category. More stuff to decorate with. More design options. But it's Early Access, and it's obviously a passion project for the developer, so I'd expect all of these "more of" desires to slowly get fulfilled. Calling it Early Access does it a disservice, though. It's spectacularly well-made, with nothing apparent to betray it's Early Access label at the time.

Absolutely wonderful. I haven't had this much fun with a building/tycoon game since Roller Coaster Tycoon first graced my PC back in 1999.

Buy it immediately.
GolfTopia by pinback 09/20/2020, 5:17pm PDT
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