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God, Roberts really is a fucking ASSHOLE by Mysterio 09/21/2020, 2:16pm PDT

I spend a fair amount of time reading community discussions and feedback but I shy away from engaging as it can become a full time job,

They... given... you... a ... quarter billion .... dollars you PIECE OF SHIT

one that I don't have available time for as running a company of 630 people spread around the globe,

You don't have time to answer questions about why you stole a quarter of a billion dollars from the people without anything being remotely finished?

while directing two projects already takes way more than 40 hours a week

Imagine stealing a quarter of a billion dollars and getting irritated when you hit 40 hours and fifteen minutes.

especially as we now have to "over" communicate internally as almost everyone is working from home.

Guys, it's the pandemic's fault that the game is late in 2020 and also 2012-2019.

But once in a while, while reading something on Spectrum I get the itch to share some context and information.

How gregarious of you

I do recognize that the question I answered last week was somewhat arbitrary as I like talking about Star Citizen (it is my dream game after all!)

Dream is in ethereal, not existing in the real world, etc

A few rules;
No questions on timelines or schedules. When the revised Road Map is ready that will be the best place to see what we currently "estimate" (estimate != promise) as our task durations.

Add as much detail to the question but do not make it multiple questions about different topics

Focus on systems that exist or we have said we plan to build. Bluesky theorycrafting isn't going to be that useful as we already have a huge backlog of stuff to achieve before we start wondering about "new" features.
Be respectful

Question with highest number of up-votes that adheres to these rules I'll answer to the best of my ability this weekend.

God, Roberts really is a fucking ASSHOLE by Mysterio 09/21/2020, 2:16pm PDT
    This has been the best long-grift in gaming EVER. NT by The Happiness Engine 09/22/2020, 3:27pm PDT
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