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Re: Bill James on Democrats by Mysterio 09/26/2020, 1:17pm PDT
I know nobody cares, but there is an element of shifty bootlicking to the people that write Bill James that I want to record for posterity. The links go behind a paywall in a week so I won't bother posting them.

Your answer to the question about what Democrats have done wrong is absolutely true. I have close friends on either side of the divide, as a result of a personal charm that is completely bipartisan. I have found that I simply cannot point out to a person what is wrong with THEIR party. All I hear back is a litany of what is wrong with the other side. So I stopped trying.

I have one question about the Democrats. They complain a lot about the electoral college, so I know they are aware of it. But their strategy doesn’t reflect that awareness. Clearly they could give up a couple of million votes in California, a million in New York, and a few hundred thousand elsewhere and pursue candidates, policies and campaign strategies that would be more likely win the election based on the rules as they are. They are the majority policy, their message is appealing, but they say and do things that seem designed to turn off voters in states they need to win.

Hey, Bill, what gives?
Asked by: raincheck

"BILL ITS ABSOLUTELY TRUE". What's true? James acted like four year old. The man is over 70 years old and when challenged for a single example, couldn't give one. (I'll post James's response for no other reason than because I had it copied, I'm not posting it for any larger point. Again, I realize nobody cares.)

Now. If he's talking about liberal-minded people in general, then sure. The extreme left acts like pieces of shit on the internet every day. There are entire forums here dedicated to making fun of them for it here. But I think we can assume "elected Democrats" is what is mentioned. The only thing anyone's brought up on Caltrops that elected Democrats engaged in over the last 4 years was that one blonde in the house in California a weird sex scandal.

Answered: 9/26/2020
I agree that they are a majority party and that they engage in political conduct which prevents them from realizing the political power that they should have. But the logic that you can skip California and New York is closely related to the logic that led Hilary (Or Hillary. . .mental block there). . .that led Hillary to skip Wisconsin and not take Michigan seriously.

Kansas is one of the most Red states in the Union, but what I know, because I live here, is that it could flip in an instant given the right jolt. I would suspect that the same is true of New York or California, although, being larger states, it would require more "weight" to flip them. States DO change their political orientation. On average, each state moves from Red to Blue or vice versa roughly every 35 years. It does happen.

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