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hi roop by discord guy 12/03/2020, 6:20pm PST
I was fooling with all of what I wrote; I like you
Donny's gonna defund the military because he gets teased on twitter by good work you guys that voted for h 12/03/2020, 12:13pm PST
    Eisenhower: used his farewell address to warn citizens about the dangers of the by military-industrial complex. 12/03/2020, 2:31pm PST
        i just cant stop laughing at roop for this on discor d NT by this is HIS GUY baaaaaahaha 12/03/2020, 2:56pm PST
            Fuck the discord scrubs, I been on FidoNet but we're too cool to talk about you NT by Roop 12/03/2020, 5:14pm PST
                hi roop by discord guy 12/03/2020, 6:20pm PST
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