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Outing the traitors by Mysterio Cabal 01/15/2021, 7:44pm PST
"We are at about 270 cases at the moment and we expect to be beyond 300 after the day, and then increase exponentially after that".

98 active Federal felony charges

140,000 pictures and videos reported by the American public

40 arrests

140 in custody

"No video because our press conference room is now a security operations center at DOJ"
"Unfortunately as this case goes on we're seeing indications that law enforcement officers bother former and current had participated in this activity. We don't care who you are or what your profession is... you will be arrested."

"If this was a football game, we're still in the first quarter"

"You attack one of us, you attack us all"
"Every FBI field office in the country is looking for you. In fact your friends and family are tipping us off. So you might want to turn yourself in instead of wondering when we'll knock on your door. Because we will."

~37 suspects in Officer's Sicknick's death (ABC News estimate)

No direct evidence yet of kill/capture teams
Devices did not explode on the 6th, they were disarmed by special teams

Regarding whether there was any involvement from lawmakers, the agencies are looking into it

Several people have turned themselves in with Defense lawyers. "We are not cutting deals with anyone, they will still be held accountable. In some cases they are reporting activity of others. We encourage anyone to turn themselves in, it may benefit you."

(paraphrase). As others have pointed out, these seem like a contradiction, but turning yourself in and cooperating can achieve things like reduced sentences, which is not the same thing as cutting a deal.

Regarding definitively how Officer Sicknick died... still under investigation.

Journalist asked: How credible of a threat are the upcoming days? Not answered
Outing the traitors by Mysterio Cabal 01/15/2021, 7:44pm PST
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