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ILL by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/16/2021, 11:29am PST

Lots of helpful comments in the replies!

(Regarding the field of vision...)

yeah, they look great to cinematographers and illustrators and vfx artists. They don't play great. Definitely doesn't feel great while playing. And not in a "oh this is so immersive the FOV is making you claustrophobic like the game wants" way, I mean genuinely unplayable.

This guy knows how games play when they are just GIFs!

don't showcase your game with a narrow FOV zoomed way too far in. This actually made me wanna vomit from motion sickness.

All games must be exactly the same and they must cater to the fact that I get sick looking at video, video games are definitely still "for" me!

I hope you make the weapons take up less of your vision, but otherwise it looks fantastic!

The catch to that video is 80% due to the fact that there's more arms and guns and hands in the field of vision. This guy wants them to drop the unique and interesting thing about it. I don't get the desire for people to shit on things while acting like they are some kind of expert.

@chuvabak of Clout Games, please do not listen to those people.

ILL by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/16/2021, 11:29am PST
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