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From the outlet that claimed China hacked microchips in Apple hardware by No Pulitzers for that one 01/21/2021, 11:47pm PST
Doesn't Schreier also claim the entire 2018 E3 demo was faked? The demo is still online, and looks pretty close to the final product. And it clearly says "Work in progress". Sot that smells like serious baloney right there. Who gives a shit if they mocked up certain elements? They've shown they can ship(unlike Star Citizen) the problem is that the game feels three to six months early. Even when a company records actual gameplay for E3, they're still going to do multiple takes/editing to avoid embarrassing glitches.

And ooooohhhhhhh, features were cut. Big scandal, features have NEVER been cut from a video game before. And apparently Jason thinks it's bombshell news that the game went into full production in 2016 and had just over four years of full-time development. No shit, it was already reported in '16 that they were finally ramping up on Cyberpunk after they released the last DLC for Witcher 3. The game that came out... four years after Witcher 2.

I'm just going off what others have said about the article here, I can't be bothered to read his crap anymore.
Jason Schrier at it again with another "What Went Wrong" by Mysterio 01/21/2021, 5:46pm PST
    From the outlet that claimed China hacked microchips in Apple hardware by No Pulitzers for that one 01/21/2021, 11:47pm PST
        Schreier is terrible. by The Grim Sleeper 01/22/2021, 6:04am PST
            Wait 'till game journos finds out about Japanese work culture by Mysterio 01/22/2021, 2:28pm PST
                Falling over yourselves to defend a 6/10 game NT by to own the game journos 01/23/2021, 6:41am PST
                    Re: Falling over yourself to defend a 0/10 journo NT by Jack Bauer 01/23/2021, 9:38am PST
                        The one thing Schrier is good at is cataloguing gaming dumpster fires NT by Don't take it away from him 01/23/2021, 10:35am PST
                            He also confirmed that Tom Chick takes payoffs to NOT ding Metacritic scores NT by Thanks, Jason 01/23/2021, 12:12pm PST
                                Where is that? by Kirahu Nagasawa 01/23/2021, 7:24pm PST
                                    Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 2:11am PST
                                        Re: Here by Cantbot 01/24/2021, 2:23am PST
                                            He needs scores to elevate gaming discourse with his brilliant contrarian takes? NT by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 2:31am PST
                                        Re: Here by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 10:31am PST
                                            Re: Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 11:50am PST
                                                What you say makes sense. NT by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 2:50pm PST
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