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Schreier is terrible. by The Grim Sleeper 01/22/2021, 6:04am PST
No Pulitzers for that one wrote:

And ooooohhhhhhh, features were cut. Big scandal, features have NEVER been cut from a video game before. And apparently Jason thinks it's bombshell news that the game went into full production in 2016 and had just over four years of full-time development. No shit, it was already reported in '16 that they were finally ramping up on Cyberpunk after they released the last DLC for Witcher 3. The game that came out... four years after Witcher 2.

I'm just going off what others have said about the article here, I can't be bothered to read his crap anymore.

Screechier also made sure to spread misinformation about "crunch" ... that the developers were paid hourly for. It's clearly personal with him because when 200 people in his Twitter replies tell him that he's awful his reaction is to double down on passing off lies rather than do a moment's self reflection.

It's probably all Gamergate!!

This is what is going on at Reddit, by the way.

It's okay to enjoy CP77. It's not okay to be in denial about its problems and censor criticism. (self.cyberpunkgame)

submitted 2 hours ago by RealCanadianHero4

To make this post simple:

I enjoyed the game. I played through the story. I think the game is overall decent. I don't think it's a masterpiece.

I do think we were misled and lied to about what this was supposed to be, with CDPR pulling a bait-and-switch as to what the vision of this game was supposed to be.

Subjectively, the game can be enjoyed.

Objectively, the release of this game was a botched fiasco.

Those of you that are not acknowledging the game's (and the overall development and release situations) major problems are not helping. CDPR should be held to account, and constructive criticism should be upheld because without it, CDPR (and the industry in general) gets a free pass to assume that it's acceptable to do these kinds of things.

The amount of denial I'm seeing here is insane. In particular, I'm getting irritated with people who are legitimately upset and disappointed with this game being told that they don't want others who enjoy the game to be able to enjoy it. That's not what's happening here, with rare exceptions (mostly in the form of trolls/trolling).

It reminds me of those car owners who are blind brand-defenders with rose-colored glasses on, who say things like "I don't buy American/GM brand cars, they're ALL lemons that constantly break down, I ONLY buy [insert Japanese/European make here] and have done so for decades". Then when their Mercedes or Lexus has consistent problems or defects, it has "quirks," as in a "quirky" Saab or Volvo. When their BMW acts up, it's being "temperamental" -- a much more benign term than the "trashy" or "junk" Oldsmobile that exhibited similar flaws.

Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be much more than just a visually stunning experience. It's not unique in that department, there are many other visually beautiful games. It was also supposed to be far more than just a story-driven single player experience. Max Payne 3 (and in general, the whole Max Payne franchise) is an incredible single-player focused story-driven experience, and was marketed as such. CP77 was supposed to be more than just an impressive single player narrative, but the vision and direction was for some reason totally changed in the last few years of its development and took a different direction. That's what I'm referring to when I said CDPR pulled a bait-and-switch.

It's NOT OKAY, guys, and some of you are NOT HELPING, guys
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