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My neighbor by laudablepuss 02/24/2021, 6:20pm PST
Used to be: slamming doors and furniture and screaming at his girlfriend (she wasn't as audible, maybe she was yelling too) at all hours, almost every week.

New phase: broken up with girlfriend, jobless, carless, sad and all "I'm just watching the snow". And suddenly friendly -- maskless, with no concept of personal space much less social distancing as he talks to me while I have to walk my dogs. Asking if I can help him get a job. "What do you do?" "Anything." Hmm.

Btw, that apartment was his girlfiend's Mom's . . . then those two moved in so THREE people in one of these tiny apartments during Covid, not to mention a large german shepherd. Then the Mom moved out . . . dog died, now the GF is out too. How does that work, I wonder.

Ugh. I hope he gets a job but I don't think I can help. I just want to limp around with my broken foot and my dumb dogs in peace. Jesus.
My neighbor by laudablepuss 02/24/2021, 6:20pm PST
    Re: My neighbor by laudablepuss 02/24/2021, 6:33pm PST
    sung to the tune of "My Sister" by The Juliana Hatfield Three NT by Fullofkittens 02/25/2021, 6:46am PST
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